American Flag Tattos

American Flag Tattos

I love my country don’t you? The American flag is colorful and beautiful, it is a great way of showing your love dedication and commitment to your country. This tattoo helps you identify with your country or one you love. The tattoo has been in existence, basically for identification purposes. The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world. It is also the major advocate of human rights, so what’s not to live about this country? Like other tattoos, you can etch the American flag to reflect your beliefs. The flag tattoo means a lot to different people. It signifies that you as a person, is willing to fight and stand for the values of the United States. There are variations if this tattoo. It can Aldo be modified in size. If you need help picking a design, you can scroll down for more ideas.


Independent American Flag

This is the simplest design of any American flag tattoo. You get to decide where you want it and how large you would like it to be. While you really cannot change the design of the flag, you can be more creative and add your own variations. You can go for a minimalist design, basically focusing on the stars and stripes, you can also make it colorful by making it larger. It sends the message that you love your country. You can also try to mix it up by maybe using two of them criss crossing each other to make it stand out, probably even more.


The Flag and a Bald Eagle

The eagle us a very strong bird, a lot of people aspire to have its qualities. It does not just signify power, it is extremely beautiful. You can make the eagle detailed. You can try accentuating the eyes, talons, beak and most important, the wings, so it comes out well. Also, be precise about where you want the eagle, either behind it, beside the flag or wearing the flag like a cloak. Just be unique about yours.


The Flag and The Army

The members of the army deserve honor. These guys, spend their lives defending the country. The tattoo can be made in memory of someone too. Most times, the flag is shown folded to represent someone who died in battle. There are different variations to this one too, like one with a gun and helmet and the flag in the background, or a flag with an inscription of the dates of birth and death of a soldier. This design is extremely personal and should really just convey your feelings.


The Flag with Text
A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can use the picture of the flag to send a message you have drawn on a tattoo. For example, you want a tattoo that says, God bless America’, nothing is better to accompanying the statement than the American flag.

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