Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Anatomical Heart Tattoo I once saw the picture of a family tree tattoo that was connected to a beating heart. It was weird but at the same time beautiful and it spoke volumes. I decided that I was going to check out ways to recreate a beating heart tattoo. One thing I found out about this heart tattoo is that it does nor appeal to everyone. I might find it beautiful because of its depth but someone else would just think it is irritating. I like the concepts associated with it. The heart pumps blood to every part of the body hence it is the symbol of life, live and feelings. According to religion, the heart is where the soul lies, also, the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart held the virtues and sins of an individual so it could represent virtues such as bravery, sorrow and faith too. The heart also signifies dedication to God, religion and family. When combined with wings, the heart stands for freedom and energy. To the Buddhists, it symbolizes compassion, spiritual devotion and mindfulness. According to Christians, this symbol is a reminder of Christ’s enduring belief brotherly and sisterly love potential. The heart is a symbol that twlls mankind to maintain fire of the soul and keep it properly tended including in the face of adversity. The types of anatomical heart tattoos include:

Broken anatomical heart

This design is a reminder of a lost loved one and a broken heart. It can also symbolize long distance relationships. This tattoo speaks in the sacred nature of love.

Black Heart Anatomical tattoos.

The black heart tattoo signifies the loss of a friend or a relative, or the end of a relationship. A lot of people get this tattoo to signify the lives they have lost.

WingedAnatomical heart

A Winged anatomical heart tattoo represents freedom and a free spirit. It signifies freedom from a bad habit. Sacred anatomical heart tattoo designs. The tattoo is very symbolic, the history dates back to the 17th century. It is usually represented by Thorns, a crown, angles, a pierced sword, surrounding the heart. A lot of people see it as catholic, because it projects unity and faith.

Realistic anatomical heart tattoo designs.

The heart design is very unconventional. It is full of colors and also very real. This particular design has blood and an arrow. The arrow symbolizes long lasting live in the face of hardship.

Flaming heart tattoo

A flaming tattoo represents strong and passionate love. The flames show that the live is burning with passion and intensity.

The stitched anatomical heart tattoo.

This design comes with a lot of meaning. A stitched heart means lost love or a broken heart that has already healed. They are common girls who want toget an heart tattoo but want something that is not girly or frilly.

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