Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo Armband tattoos are very common among tattoo enthusiasts. This is because they are easy to hide. My best friend Calvin works with a technology firm. He loves tattoos but he has been claiming that they won’t let him look serious, so, I told Evans my tattoo artist and he suggested armband tattoos. It sounded smart so we checked out designs and we found some really beautiful ones. Due to the fact that I love you guys so much I thought, hey, someone can have the same problem with Cal, why not share this armband tattoo? See I’m smart. So here we go.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very popular, with them, You actually have a lot of designs to choose from. They represent a culture of civilization, and perhaps it is because of this that they are appealing, and popular.


The people of Hawaii have a unique culture. You can recognize an Hawaiian armband tattoo if it spots dolphins, turtles or even the flora and fauna of this beautiful Island nation. Celtic Knot The Celtic knot armband is often referred to as a love knot. It is usually interwoven with another design. The design signifies unending love. The design has a powerful meaning and a mind blowing effect.

Barbed Wire Armband

This design is associated with several meanings. For instance, according to Christians, the design represents the pain that their savior had to endure on their behalf. Also, before the second world war prisoners were given a barbed wire tattoo for identification.

Flower Armbands

They are often work by women. The meaning of a flower armband tattoo has to do with the flower used as the main motif. In choosing your own armband tattoo, you have to research about the meaning of the flower you want to use, because every flower has it’s peculiar meaning.

This tattoo is very simple. If you have minimalistic tendencies then this is perfect for you. It is usually a role design connected to a bead in the middle. It could also spot feathers, skull, and other totems. It is common to the native Americans.

Cross Armband

This tattoo can be any other type of armband tattoo. What differentiates it from the others is the fact that there is a cross in the middle. The cross is usually to enhance the image.

Aztec Armband

Aztec is familiar to me because of aztec prints. Just kidding. Actually, aztec tattoos are quite popular because this tribe is known for its body marking skill. Some people even refer to them as the founders of body art. My advice, if you’re ever going to try the Aztec tattoos get an artist who is very good to avoid stories. Aztec symbols have meanings too. The moon and sun symbol indicates the strength of a warrior. You can try out this too.

Musical Notes

If you’re a music lover, you have found the perfect tattoo to show your love for the art. The fun thing is that you don’t have to pick notes you can mix as many as you want to make it appealing.

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