Except you are a caveman locked up as a relic, then you wouldn’t know one of DC Comics greatest superhero Batman and his bat-winged graphical illustrations, The Batman hero role is seen to be occupied by a figure called Bruce Wayne, apart from comic books, there’s been televised animated series and also a major sensational movie.

The whole essence of the Batman figure is profound, whether he’s acting like a rich, spoilt lad or he’s in his stealth, vigilante mode, the batmans signal tattooed s is one of the best ways kick start your adventurous spirit, as batmans traits and abilities are achievable by anyone who believes in consistency and hard work.

Batman logo
You simply cannot go wrong with the batman logo. For starters, Batman is summoned by this logo. And it signifies that evil is about to meet its doom. And it is better for you if it is a smaller design because you leave questions for people, thereby creating an aura of mystery for yourself. It does not end there,

Batman and Robin design
Batman and his junior counterpart, cool right? I mean you inked the dynamic duo into your skin, that is a total “I’m so cool, you know it” goals. And if not, get a silhouette, of this duo. It totally rocks.

Batman’s Face
The Batman’s head design is cool, it leaves no questions and it makes a powerful statement because yeah, you just inked the masked superhero on your skin and it is going to scream justice, power, and strength. It is the power of the caped crusader.

Older Batman design
I’m talking about the 1966 logo, it comes with the yellow background and iconic wings and horns. The wings are spread all over the yellow background and it fits the oval. This logo actually lasted thirty years and it is the longest-running logo in any Batman saga. As I said, iconic; it makes a whole lot of sense to do this, because, excuse me, it is Batman.

Batman with Gotham city landscape Batman was protecting Gotham city, Getting a tattoo of this superhero and the landscape of his city, makes a whole lot of sense. Well, you’re showing two things that were close to each other. Gotham is his business and he takes good care of it. He fights to protect it for all who live there and to even provide a safe life for everyone, that’s why this tattoo is a total yes.

Joker and Batman design
First, a great paradox, having a superhero and a supervillain in one picture. And two because normal is overrated and the joker is actually a great villain so having a tattoo of him and Batman would not hurt. In fact, it brings back the fondest memories of the franchise, don’t you think? Yeah, the ones where Batman and the joker were fighting each other. It is obvious that they were the greatest highlights of the series.

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