Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Ever thought of getting a tattoo based on beauty and the beast? Well it is not far fetched. If you like it like MW, there are a lot of ideas for a tattoo.  I like beauty and the beast and it is very relatable. The cartoon shows the relationship between beauty and ugliness, love  and horror, inner beauty, and true love. It is very fascinating, and it has a very large fan base. There are a lot of ideas for a tattoo and the tattoo would signify a lot of different things. Let’s see which appeals to you the most. 

Tale As Old As Time

We all remember the famous quote from the beauty and the beast, “take as old time, true as it can be” The quote strictly belongs to the fairy tale and so if you happen to wear the tattoo, there would be no explaining what it means. You can spice it up with pixie dust and roses. 

Rose In The Jar

Remember the rose that was in the glass container? Now imagine something like that in your body, make sure you add all the details to it like this one, it is definitely going to be a beauty. You can be a little bit more creative by making the petals start to fall off too, totally mind blowing. 

Mrs Potts And Chip.

This tattoo signifies the relationship between a mother and her child. If I was a mother, I would definitely want this, but I’m not. It is heartwarming and cute too. 

The Rose, Lumiere And Chip

The rose is one of the most significant things in beauty and the beast. Lumiere and Chip are the best character ever. They are cute and funny, you would agree with me that they brought more fun to the story, so why not have this beautiful piece of art? It is not only colorful but it is full of life too. 

Lumiere And Cogsworth

This tattoo screams friendship. It has a drawing of lumiere and cogsworth who we all know to be best friends in the franchise. So if you want a friendship tattoo, you can get this with your best friend. It is total goals.

Belle And Adam Silhouette

The most famous beauty and the beast tattoos are actually the ones of below and the beast. If you like unconventional things, you can go for this one. It has Adam and Belle, and it’s a silhouette. You can make it extra fancy by adding the frame of the magic mirror, totally adorable. 

Beauty And The Beast In The Stained Glass. 

Think about trying out your own ratio based on the belle and the beasts picture that was on the stained glass. It is totally creative. The colors on the stained glass and the colors from the characters. It is definitely something worth trying.

Beauty And The Beast Paintbrush

This tattoo is very simple yet lovely. On the first look, it looks like a black and white version of Belle but on closer look, you see the beast holding the rose too. This definitely tells a story. If you like simple tattoos them you have nailed the perfect beauty and the beast tattoo.

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