Buddha Tattoos

Buddha Tattoos

Remember the smiling buddha meme? Yeah the one where they said rebroadcast for good luck. Now think about the amount of good luck that would come your way if you had it as a tattoo. Think of the number of people that would see it, especially if you had it on your arm or somewhere everyone can see it. Buddha means “awakened one”. It is the state of truth and righteousness found in the universe. People who bear the buddha tattoo are searching  for ultimate truth in their  lives, rather than seeking truth in relation to the rules of men or God. Many of the people  who think of getting a Buddha tattoo have experienced a rebirth of the soul in various ways, most times, it is through trials or challenges in life. Basically those who spot this type of tattoo are kind, open minded and accepting of others, they recognize life as a beautiful journey and they take advantage of it. The essence of a Buddha tattoo is truth and hope. Fears, joys, love. Everyone is free to chose their paths and Buddha is a reminder of that. Anyway, a Buddha tattoo represents truth, but there are a lot of variations to them. No matter the stage of enlightenment you find yourself, there is a buddha pose to go with it. 

Buddha With Crossed Legs

The buddha with crossed legs, is just buddha calling the earth to witness. Buddha Is seated with its left hand of on its lap and the right hand pointing towards the ground, its palm inward. Don’t forget the crossed legs. The tattoo means enlightenment. 

The Medicine Buddha

This tattoo means health and wellness. It is very common with the Tibetan culture. It portrays a blue skinned buddha, with its right hand down and a bowl of herbs held in its left hand. 

Teaching Buddha

This tattoo shows Buddha with his legs crossed, one had depicting an “O” with the fingers and the other hand palm up. This signifies understanding, wisdom and fulfilling individual destiny. It is a very common design too. 

Walking Buddha

If you look closely, most of the Buddha designs portray Buddha sitting. A lot of people actually think Buddha is always sitting but there are actually designs of Buddha standing. This walking buddha is a beautiful example. It signifies grace and beauty that comes from within. 

Nirvana Buddha

Thus is another very popular design of buddha. The pose shows Buddha in the moments before death. It portrays Buddha lying on the right side, upon a table. It shows that you have reached a point of spiritual enlightenment and escaped the cycle of death and rebirth, therefore entering into a state of Nirvana. 

Meditation Buddha 

This pose is very popular especially in Japanese culture. It shows buddha with the legs crossed in a seated position, with hands together in the center of the lower abdomen. This tattoo represents the search for peace and serenity in one’s life. So if you’re all for the inner peace, this tattoo is it for you.

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