50 Hot Burning Flame Tattoos Designs & Meanings 2018

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50 Hot Burning Flame Tattoos Designs & Meanings 2018

When mankind first made Burning Flame Tattoos, it was a huge accomplishment and it changed destiny forever. There are many things that define mankind, but nothing is as more important as intelligence. It is this knowledge and mankind’s innovation that led to the discovery of fire centuries. Burning Flame Tattoos has improved man’s life in so many ways that it would be impossible to sum them up.

Meaning of Burning Flame Tattoos:-

These Burning Flame Tattoos are associated with diverse meanings. The meanings attached to these symbols are almost as many as the types of these tattoos. However, it is very difficult to give a precise meaning to a particular flame symbol since this will vary from one individual to another.

Things like the type of tattoo and the placement location will also determine its meaning. Fire and its flames can be used in a positive manner, but it can also cause massive destruction if used wrongly. The varying uses of flames what they represent are the two things that give meaning to these tattoos.

Any other tattoo drawn with the flames will influence the meaning of this tattoo. For example, if the flames are drawn with a heart tattoo they can mean desire or deep passion.

Placement Ideas:-

  • Sleeve
  • Hand
  • Rib
  • Legs

Some flames like the blue flame look fabulous when drawn on one or both legs. The shape of the legs gives this tattoo an attractive look that one cannot easily attain if they have it elsewhere. A burning flame will look fantastic on your ribs if you choose a good design. You can choose to have a small one on the side of your ribs or even have a big one to cover all your ribs.

However, the design you choose will determine the size of the tattoo that will look good when inked on the ribs. If you are not into sleeves the hand still provides a good place to have your flame tattoo. You can place it anywhere on your hand, and it will still look fabulous

Most people prefer to have theirs on the upper arm, but it still looks great on the lower arm if properly drawn. However, the design you choose will determine the size of the tattoo.

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