Circle of Life Tattoos

Circle of Life Tattoos

I ran into a man at the tattoo parlor one day, he was getting a tattoo of a circle with so many circles in it. It looked like a picture from.a geometry textbook; and it was pretty. I asked what he was getting and he said it was a circle of life tattoo. Well it was something I didn’t know about and so the tattoo enthusiast in me sought out to research about it at home. Well I did and its time I let you know about my findings. First thing, it is said that the circle of life represents the creation of all life in the universe and some people believe that by studying this pattern we could possibly unlock the secrets of time and space. The circle is also the origin of other related patterns such as The Seed of Life, The Egg of Life, The Fruit of Life, The Tree Of Life and Metatron’s cube. It has been discovered that this is the pattern of the sphere of the statue of the Foo dog somewhere in China. The dog is a symbol of protection and the sphere is a symbol of domination. It is said to be modeled after the flower of life which was very sacred and a lot of people were killed for it. 

There are a lot of variations that come with this tattoo. It sounds very simple though. 

Original Circle Of Life Tattoo

Thus is the traditional circle of life pattern. It has nineteen full circles and thirty six partial circles. It is contained in a circle. You can personalize it using different colors and techniques. It is really cool. 

The Seed Of Life Circle

This is a pattern of seven circles. If you ask me, it looks like a Venn diagram design. It is used to represent new beginnings. You can be creative and do it in other colors too. 

Fruit Of Life Design 

Thus tattoo I looks mundane and boring but it is actually thirteen circles taken from the original circle of life design. It is said to be the blueprint of the universe too. It is a symbol of creation. 

Egg Of Life Design 

This is a very unconventional tattoo. It is sacred to those who know the meaning. It consists of seven circles. Six of them have a common center and the last one in the center. It is said to signify nurturing, creation and interconnectedness. Well it looms like a flower. 

Tree Of Life Design

The tree of life is a design of a tree embedded in a circle. The tattoo is widely sought after and it is said to mean, eternity, knowledge, protection and growth. 

Metatron’s cube 

This is a three-dimensional pattern which  consists of five distinct geometric shapes. These shapes represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Consciousness which form the building blocks of creation. The tattoo is common and it looks spectacular because of its design. A lot of people believe that this symbol offers protection from evil.

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