Drake Tattoos

Drake Tattoos

For a while, Drake has been everywhere on social media especially because of the drake curse. And if you have not heard about the drake curse, let me fill you in. It is simple, it is believed that if Drake wears a jersey, poses for a photo with an athlete or in any way appears to be supporting any particular team or person, that team or person will go on to lose, often against the odds. Yeah it happened with the NBA raptors, it happened with Anthony Williams and even Serena. This aside, Drake is a rapper that everyone loves, he makes good music, has very good looks, what’s not to like? Oh and he’s covered in tattoos, a whole lot of them. And guess the best thing about them? They show off his muscles. Although, Drake is not the mist tattooed artist is the industry, but he has a whole lot of them, and they are very significant, let’s take a look. Drake started tattooing in 2011 and the way he’s going, it’s safe to say, he’s caught the bug

Lil Wayne Portrait

Lilwayne signed Drake into young money in 2009 and turned him to the superstar we all love. The tattoo is a tribute to Weezy. It is based on a picture Wayne took for rolling stones in 2011.

Other portraits

The singer also has two images of the

 Sade Adu, and one of  Aaliyah.  He also has a few others that feature his family members. The ones of Sade are on his ribcage, and they signify his admiration for the R&B legend, and he got both in 2017.
Drake admits that he has been obsessed with Aaliyah for many years. And apart from a collaboration with the late R&B star after her death, he also has her portrait on the back that was one of his first tattoos back in 2011. The other portraits on his back include that of  his uncle and grandmother at the center back, mom on the right side, another one of his musical fathers Dennis Graham on his right bicep, and also, one of a woman that many people claim is Rihanna.

The October Lionhearted

This is another tattoo by, our famous tattooist, Dr. Woo. It is located on Drake’s left forearm. It is also a very symbolic tattoo since it represents his birthday month. The lion is also a symbol of courage and strength. There is a story behind this tattoo and it is quite interesting and also one of the reasons why a lot of his fans love it. According to some accounts, Drake got the tattoo while drunk and after persuasion by two sisters Victoria and Elizabeth whose surname also happen to be “Lejonhjarta.”

CN Tower
Drake is Canadian and is very proud of his  roots. He has always demonstrated this with his tattoos. The CN tower was also one of his first tattoos.  He got it back in 2012. However, the superstar covered up the original one with the impressive Eye of Horus in 2014, he now has another one that is also larger than his previous CN tower tattoo. The fancy tattoo is in the upper section of his left arm and it also the work of Dr. Woo. This totem is a tribute to Toronto, his hometown.

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