Ear Tattoos

Ear Tattoos

EA lot of teens are getting in the mood for ear tattoos, as it is a very simple design. My first tattoo was a star at the back of my ears. You can always come up with something unique, a lot of women, like this form of tattooing due to its flexibility and the fact that you can easily hide it and flaunt it according to your choice. Also, a lot of guys, like this tattoo too, although, they prefer to go with the one that spreads all the way to their shoulder and also which covers it completely with different styles and stroke.

First thing you should know about getting a tattoo on the back of ear is that it is very painful. The skin at that part, is very thin so the pain degree is very high. The skin is small so the tattoo is usually small. The ear is among the most sensitive parts of the body. You have to be careful placing a tattoo there because if the tattoo is not placed correctly by the right person, it can be very harmful. You should also ensure that the tools the tattooist uses are the right ones and would not cause any harm to your skin.

Peacock feather

The peacock feather behind the ear.

This design is s very common one, especially with ladies. Peacock has a lot of aesthetic and historical values, so those that are familiar with it actually ant a peacock symbol. If you are going for this, get a high skilled tattooist do it is positioned in a perfect place. It is not just appealing but it is easy to maintain too.

3D tattoo behind the ear

3D designs are simple, elegant and extremely appealing. If you want a unique design, you can get one in 3D. The scenery, shadow and effects are really tempting. Some 3D tattoo designs include:


A spider tattoo indicates, motherly love, feminine power and creepy crawly feeling you experience when you are extremely nervous. Also, it can freak people out, you can just be with friends and the next thing, and someone yells that you have a spider tattoo. Totally hilarious.

Honey bee

Honey bees are hard workers and signify understanding and cooperation. One significant natural feature about bees is their great communication skills. They coke in different colors and are totally adorable.

Peacocks are very beautiful and prideful creatures.  They love being the center of attention just like in a similar way you would like to show off your tattoo. Apart from the birds’ aggressive nature they represent both faithfulness and beauty.

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you may want to display one of your jewelries permanently. It could be your earrings or jewels, whatever it is, the area behind your ear is a great part to place such a beautiful unnatural item.

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