75 Elephant Tattoo: Ideas, Designs & Meaning 2018

75 Elephant Tattoo: Ideas, Designs & Meaning 2018

Usually, elephant tattoo designs are made with black, or gray ink, because of the color of the elephants. But, bringing more life into your tattoo can make it be more special, while, of course, it shows off the things you wanted it to.

The most incredible elephant tattoos artwork you’ll see all year. These are genius and beautifully done. A secret treasure of elephant tattoos.

What does an elephant tattoo mean?

An elephant tattoos may symbolize and mean different things. Generally speaking, an elephant tattoos depicts prosperity and good luck. But because of its role in nature, it also embodies power, strength, dignity and longevity. Aside from those mentioned, elephants also portray patience, honor, intelligence and spirituality. With all of these meanings, elephant tattoos became more known because of its portrayal of family ties and ancestral lines.

elephant tattoo elephant tattoo elephant tattoo

Are you still looking for a perfect elephant tattoo design? The best tattoo design will always be the one that has special meaning to you. When choosing a tattoo for you, think about where you intend to place it on your body. Will you combine it with other elements or let it stand on its own? Hope this helped! Leave a comment

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