Tattoos that involve a fish hook  inscription on the body carries various meanings, as they are seen as one of the latest fads, Anybody can actually decide to have a fish hook tattoo but it’s majorly found amidst die-hard fishermen, biker boys, or probably you’ve just got a thing for water and it’s entirety. 

The Fishhook design can come inked in various dimensions, colors and patterns and apparently have different meanings, in which in the course of this write up I’d be taking you through various Fish Hook design patterns and their meanings. 

One of the commonest reasons as to why a regular folk would want to get a fish hook tattoo is because they want to express their burning love for fishing and the best way to show that is by having a pretty fish hook on their skin, it should be noted that fish hooks come in various lengths and structures, but as long as there’s a fish and it’s being hooked; you are good to row your boat. 

There are tons of folks out there that would, or have already gotten a fish hook tattoo design just to showcase their love for fishing, asides from just inking a fish hook on your skin, there are cooler ways to have the tattoo drawn like by sketching out your actual hook on your skin, the good part about sketching your own hook, is that it can also be in 3D, allowing it to look undoubtedly realistic and having a metallic shine to it. 

There’s also the fish hook design that looks like the hook is pierced through your skin, with the extra effects of blood trickling, there’s no doubt to its realistic nature which makes it even more eye-catching. 

It would amaze you to know that some folks feel having a fish hook tattoo inked in their skin, signifies to the opposite sex that they are the best they can get out of life”  Good Catch, *Winks*”.as that was meant to be a joke, asides from being a good catch, some folks who carry the fish hook tattoo were seen to have been given an extra boost in confidence, so if you are looking for an extra push to get something done, just get hooked! 

It has been realized that some fish hook tattoos are said to give the carrier of a sense of ambition and adventure, wanting to go fishing and hooking unto awesome exploits.

Regardless of all the various designs and patterns, what really matters is you having a fish hook tattoo and being proud of it. 

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