Fox Tattoos

Fox Tattoos

If you are considering getting a tattoo design in the future, a fox tattoo might be the one to consider. In almost all cultures, foxes are depicted as animals with highly developed mental abilities, excellent instincts for survival and wondrous animals.

A lot of people feel they can identify with this small mammal. And if you are like them -if you can connect with the personality of the fox- the fox tattoo is definitely for you.

Over the centuries, the fox has come to symbolize femininity, sexuality, wisdom, intelligence, fortitude, cunningness and adaptability.

Sexuality, Femininity and Fertility.
It is no wonder that the Fox is associated with femininity – after all, the name for a sexy woman and a female fox is literally the same word: a vixen. In early Asian and European cultures, the fox was considered to be a totem of fertility and prosperity. In Japan, a fertility goddess, Inari, could turn into a fox. This connection to fertility still continues today as we use foxy as a synonym for sexy. A lot of women include this creature in their tattoo design because it represents the desirable female.

Intelligence and Cunningness.

Being a small animal, the fox is not notable for strength or power, but rather for its cunning mind. The fox depends on its intellect to ensure its survival and is often seen as a trickster. The fox outwits its opponents by using its clever mind and agility to escape safely from any threat. For people that see these traits in themselves, the fox is their spirit animal.


The fox, most of the times, can make the best out of any situation, even when it is really bad. People who choose a fox tattoo based on this may do so because they admire and wish to emulate this adaptability, or see themselves as a person who has needed to adapt to various roles in life.

Mental Fortitude and Wisdom

To many people the fox is a symbol of mental fortitude; that is being able to overcome psychological obstacles. People who have faced difficult situations such as loss, illness or trauma may decide on a fox tattoo to represent their own struggles at facing these types of challenges.

Instinct for Survival.

The fox knows exactly what to do in situations that could be important for its life. The fox is sometimes considered as selfish and a trickster. But in the rules of basic survival, there is nothing wrong with being clever, opportunist, or even cunning, to survive.

Techniques and Styles to Choose From.

3D Tattoos

Artists use an optical illusion to create designs that appear to jump right off the skin and into the real world, using shadow, changes in size and dimension.

Watercolor Tattoos

The artist uses special techniques to produce watercolor elements, such as splatters, splashes, bleeds, blurs, and fades, to achieve the same hazy depiction on the skin that we are used to seeing in watercolor paintings.

Sketch Tattoos

These are tattoos that are designed to look like the planning sketches of a tattoo rather than a neatly finished design.

Minimalistic Tattoos

They are usually small tattoos that just show the basic outline of the subject, in this case, the fox. With these designs, we often see an outline of the fox’s head or the fox in profile.

Old School Tattoos

This refers to a traditional Western/American tattoo with limited shading, thick black outlines and a restricted selection of colors. This style is reminiscent of the tattoo designs from the 1900’s to the 1950’s.

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