Geisha Tattoos

Geisha Tattoos

Geisha tattoos are one of the famous Japanese tattoos. The tattoo is related to a woman known as geisha in the Japanese culture. A geisha Is a woman that is very educated, to provide entertainment to men. A lot of people confuse them with prostitutes, but those who know their roles, understand the distinction. They were professionally trained, to play instruments, dance and sing to entertain men. They were also trained in the history and culture of Japan, so as to hold very smart conversations with the men. These women provide men with a very comfortable environment with entertainment for the men. The tattoo became famous, because men started to see these women as ideal women. Geisha’s are seen to be perfect in every sense, as they were sensual, beautiful, well dressed and well mannered. The Geisha tattoo is the symbol of feminine allure and femininity. It is also believed to represent mystery and power, and so many women, get these tattoos to represent this. A geisha was believed to be a perfect woman in every sense as they had the ability to keep men entertained at all times and keep them coming back. This allure is what made them really admired by other women and so, they got tattoos of them. The tattoo also means something beautiful but is out of reach. The geisha were gorgeous women and in most cases they only provided entertainment. Their male clients never got to touch them or have any sexual encounters with them. The geisha tattoo also symbolizes elegance and beauty. The geisha’s were gently picked and they were really beautiful women. There are a lot of variations of this tattoo and they include;

Color-Splashed Geisha
This tattoo is a very colorful one. It uses a combination of different colors.  Beautiful Colors create a perfect tattoo but it is very important to choose carefully the colors you want to be used on your tattoo as some colors only look good when combined with specific ones.

Geisha and Koi
This tattoo is purely Japanese themed. It combines two important totems in the Japanese culture. The Koi fish is one of the most important animals in the Japanese culture and it is associated with, good luck. This fish when combined with a geisha image to give your tattoo more meaning.

Dancing Geisha
Geisha’s are known for their impeccable dancing skills. This tattoo tries to portray that skill. Although a tattoo is a static image, it can be drawn in a way that will mimic a dancing posture and so it will be easy to understand the message in the image just by looking at it. This tattoo can also combined with butterflies.

Black and Gray Geisha
The black and gray geisha give this tattoo a unique and appearance by taking away all the colors. Yes, it includes all the other type of geisha tattoo done in Greys and black ink. A geisha is usually known for her colorful clothes and ornaments but in this tattoo all this is taken away as black and gray are the only colors visible in the tattoo. It is simple and elegant..


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