Gladiator Tattoos

Gladiator Tattoos

The first thing I ever learned about the Roman empire was the gladiator fight in the arena. I never understood why they did it but later I learned it was to satisfy the blood thirsty Mars, the god of war. Gladiator is gotten from the Latin word “gladius”. I’m sure you would agree with me that all what these prisoners who were known as gladiators could do was use their swords. You might wonder why I’m into the gladiator tattoo? Well my best friend and his rein sister just got one. I’m thinking about getting one but I’m all for getting ideas and knowing their meanings before I dive in. So after my research about gladiator tattoos, I found out that they portray strength. They are also a tribute to the old history. The tattoo can also symbolize hard times among youths. 

Let’s see the ideas for a gladiator tattoo. 

The sketch is usually done in the realism style so note that you need a good artiste. Yes, it is very important. You cannot afford to make a permanent mark on your body that you would keep regretting every time you see it. 

Gladiator Tattoos For Men

In those days, a gladiator was strong and extremely brave. A gladiator tattoo represents those things, “strength and courage”. The gladiator tattoo represents 

fearlessness, courage, aggression
desire to always be free, since each gladiator fought till the end and loyalty. If you are someone who is brave and desires freedom, the gladiator tattoo is definitely for you. You can try etching either the sword, the helmet or the shield to your skin. As a guy, the gladiator tattoo would signify strength and dominance. It would also portray you as a warrior. 

Gladiator Tattoos For Women

Yes, gladiator tattoos are not just restricted to males. As a woman, you can try it out too. They signify love of freedom courage
hopelessness and loyalty. They also look pretty on women too. 

The Gladiator Face

Getting the face of a gladiator would not be too bad, it would save time and it would still look very pretty. 

The Gladiator Helmet

The helmet screams Roman warrior. It shows the embodiment of courage. If you like to show bravery then I seriously recommend the tattoo. 

A Full Body Gladiator

You could get the body of a gladiator with his war apparel. You could be creative and show the gladiator making gestures or acting like he is about to move or even lifting the sword up. It makes it fun.

The Hand And The Sword

This tattoo just shows the hand of a gladiator, raising a sword like he is about to use it on someone. I like the mystery that comes with it. 


A Spartacus tattoo? What’s not to like? I totally love it. I mean he is a very courageous and successful warrior.

Red Caped Gladiator

This tattoo, the gladiator is dressed like he is going to the arena. A little extra, he’s on a red cape. Very perfect.

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