Harley Davidson Tattoos

Harley Davidson Tattoos

Harley Davidson tattoo

Bikers are generally perceived as outlaws. This is even more believable because of their numerous tattoos. Biker tattoos can be said to go back to the 1940’s. The tattoos usually made them look bad and intimidating. However, tattoos are very symbolic to bikers. It signifies their lifestyle, and the passion they have for riding. It also signified their freedom. Of you notice, a lot of bikers actually wear tattoos relating to speed and power. Harley Davidson is a popular motorcycle brand. It is a favorite for a lot of bikers. Recently the brand tattoo has been increasingly popular in the US especially among bikers and tattoo enthusiast. Let’s see interesting ideas for a Harley Davidson tattoo. They would really blow your mind. 

The Cover-Up Tattoo

If you are a fan of riding then this is a perfect tattoo for you. It shows the two wheeled power horse with eagles wings, pin up girls and the Harley Davidson logo. The ratio screams freedom. Whoever is wearing it does not like to be held down. He enjoys his sovereignty as well as the biking lifestyle. 

Harley Davidson Coupled With Roses

Like I mentioned earlier, bikers used to be seen as outlaws. They craved freedom and could not be tied down to anything. However, these days, a lot of bikers like the feeling of family alongside the freedom that biking brings. So, if you have passion for riding, and you enjoy the presence of family, this is very perfect for you. This is a timeless design, it has the Harley Davidson symbol with roses around it, hereby signifying love, family and beliefs. It means love and loyalty to your loved ones. 

Ripped Through Design

This tattoo screams hardcore biker. It says I’m dedicated to my vehicle. The spaces in between the logo give an impression that your passion for the vehicle flows through your veins. This tattoo is an attention seeker and a show stopper. It does not matter where you wear it, it would stand out. 

Eagle Eyes Perched on Harley’s Label

This tattoo looks very exotic. I might just try it out. It shows devotion and it expresses personality. The Harley Davidson tattoo looks good, adding the eagle eyes makes it stunning. Eagles are known to symbolize wisdom and power, definitely what a biker would wear. You can try out this if you are looking for a non conventional design. It is incredible. 

Harley Davidson with a Text

As a die hard fan of the motorcycle brand, you would be familiar with its tag lines. This tattoo is the Harley Davidson logo infused with one of its famous taglines, “live to ride.” Now, if that does not show passion, I don’t know what does. If you’re looking for a small scale tattoo which is also very extravagant, this is it. 

The Minimal Harley

One of the reasons why I totally love this tattoo is because it is very simple. It is also creative and straight forward. This tattoo has flames incorporated into the Harley Davidson logo. It symbolizes the bearers lobe for speed. 

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