Harley Quinn Tattoos

Harley Quinn Tattoos

Harley Quinn is a favorite for a lot of people. DC comics really did well with this villain. She is smart, sexy and really beautiful. The doctor who was the girlfriend and psychologist to the greatest villain ever, Joker. Their relationship was very unhealthy and manipulative but it is greatly admired by so many. The character has a large fandom especially when the role was played by Margot Robbie in suicide squad. This nutty character who was the side kick to the joker and is now way popular and she has a whole lot of fans. Fans are getting tattoos after the super-villain and there are a whole lot of cute ones.

The Harley Quin image stands for loyalty and devotion. As the side kick of the joker, she was very devoted and  loyal to him.

She also portrays the image of a strong and determined woman who is independent and can stand for herself. She is the image of quirkiness and fun, her role in suicide squad says a lot about it. And that’s not all, her image with the joker screams pure love and it is a role model to a lot of other relationships. The ideas for a harley quin tattoo include:

Harley Quinn in her traditional red and black latex costume

This tattoo is really pretty. It looks better because of the way the bottom is shaped into a skyscraper. She looks totally adorable in this red and black costume.


Joker And Harley Quinn

You can get a tattoo of harley quin and jokers comic face. If you and your other half, want to get matching couple tattoos, then this is a perfect tattoo for you guys, especially if you have common interest in tattoos.

Suicide Squad Harley Logo

This is a really pretty tattoo. It involves all of the Harley Quinn colors. It is a small silhouette of harley involving blue red and black. A lot of true fans would love this.

Harley Quinn diamond Patches

This tattoo shows Harley Quinn diamond patches along with winking ivy vines refers to the story when Poison Ivy saved Harley from death and gave her superpowers. The diamonds  look unbelievably cute. Add some Watercolor splashes of red and black the tattoo takes on an a very interesting fresh image. This tattoo appeals to girls that want to show their independence.

Lucky You Tattoo.

This tattoo became really popular after the suicide squad movie. It was one of the tattoos that Harley Quinn got  in prison. It was inked in the lower belly region and it screams sexiness.

Harley And Her Mallet

This tattoo shows Harley Quinn with her classic mallet that crushed Batman. This is a really nice way to bring up the idea of an eternal confrontation between good and evil. Talk about the battle between good and evil.

Anime Harley

This tattoo shows a picture of harley customized as an anime. It is so pretty, our favorite mad character actually looks good as an anime.

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