Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

Heart shaped tattoos are unarguably one of the most common tattoo designs. They also come in different designs, shapes and colors. They can be placed anywhere on the body. The design allows for creativity and flexibility. With these qualities, there are a lot of designs that can be made from.it.


Broken Heart Tattoos

This tattoo design is often used to remind a person of a lost loved one. It can also be worn to represent a broken heart.
In some rare occasions it can be worn to signify a long distance relationship and in some cases, it acts as a reminder of how sacred the love they have for each other is.

Black Heart Tattoos

The black heart tattoos represents a very sad day in someone’s live.
It can be used to express grief for the loss of a very close friend, or relative, end of a relationship or even a memorial after a rather tragic event has happened way back. The Black heart tattoos are often used with a name under them, flowers, cross or even angel wings. In 2001 after the 9-11 attack, a lot of people had black heart tattoo etched on their skin as a commemoration of thousands of lives that were lost then.

Winged Heart Tattoos

Most times, heart tattoos with wings symbolizes freedom, abs a free spirit.  People who get this type of tattoos, find it as a way to express their joyous and free spirited nature or freedom from certain vices such as addiction and generally bad habits.

Sacred Heart Tattoos

The sacred heart tattoo is the most symbolic tattoo of all. Its has a long history, which dates back to the 17th century in France. It is made up of a heart, surrounded by thorns, a crown, an angel, a pierced sword and sometimes can be shown burning. A lot of interpretations connect it to the Catholics and it’s often believed to be a religious symbol of devotion to Jesus Christ. As a whole, sacred heart tattoos represent one faith in Christianity.

Lock and Heart Tattoos

This design has a positive meaning. It usually represent love that both parties have for one another, signifying that only that person can unlock the heart. It can be accompanied with a name.

Dagger Heart Tattoo

This design has both negative and positive meanings. Its positive meaning represents bravery and courage, while its negative meaning represents sorrow, grief, or long lasting struggle.

Flaming Heart Tattoo

The flaming Heart tattoo represents strong passion and strong love. The flames signify an intense heat of passion and blazing love.

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