Hip Tattoos

Hip Tattoos

In this day and age one can get tattooed almost anywhere they wish but there are a few places where tattoos look more special. One such place is the hip, and it is especially so for ladies. Even the most basics tattoo design can be converted into a sexy hip tattoo for a woman provided they get the right artist to draw it. Besides from this choosing a type that goes well with your personal preference and tastes is imperative if you want to get the satisfaction that comes with a tattoo.

The following are some of the common types of tattoos.

Types of Hip Tattoos

Sexy Hip Tattoo
Any tattoo can look fabulous on the hip of a woman no matter the design and size. However, for it to feel sexy on you choosing a style that conforms to your personal preferences is imperative. However, there are a few types tattoos that are often classified as a sexy tattoo.

Hip bone tattoos

are usually a single large image that is placed precisely on the area where the hip bone is located. They are more visible tattoos due to the protruding nature of the hip bone.

Tribal Hip Tattoo

Tribal designs and patterns are one of the most widely drawn tattoos due to their magnificent appearance. With the tribal tattoo, you can never go wrong no matter how or where you draw them. The hip tribal tattoos are both simple and gorgeous, and so they will work well for anybody no matter what their style or preference may be. This tattoo works perfectly when drawn as a single tattoo, but you can always combine it with another image or draw it as part of another tattoo.

Celtic Butterfly Hip Tattoo

This is an awesome tattoo of a butterfly that is curved in the Celtic style. Butterflies look great when drawn as a tattoo but sometimes they can be boring to have them as tattoos. Instead of getting the usual colorful butterfly tattoo you can try something new and relatively unique with the Celtic butterfly tattoo. This tattoo is usually drawn in black ink to make it look more charming and awesome. If you want a bigger tattoo, or you want to have more than one tattoo on your hip, you can combine it with other types of Celtic tattoos.

Dandelion and Black Birds

This tattoo tells a story, and if you like these types of tattoo, then this is a perfect idea for your tattoo. In this tattoo, a motif of a dandelion is drawn with the flower made to appear as if it is being blown away by the wind. The wind then transforms the blown away flower into birds that in turn appear to by flying away to the high skies. This image tells a story especially when drawn on the hip but if you are not sure what the story is you can still have it only for its beauty.

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