Hour Glass Tattoos

Hourglass tattoos are very common especially as sleeve or themed tattoos. A lot of people wear it because it is beautiful and a lot of others wear it because of its significance. The hourglass was used to tell time before the invention of a clock. Time is precious, there is this African proverb that “time is money.” A lot of people do not value time until it is too late. A lot of times, we need to be reminded of how precious time really is and the hourglass tattoo is a perfect reminder of time. It is also a reminder that life is a beautiful gift and we should cherish it.

Basically, the hourglass can signify anything you want it to. It can signify Life, because the absence of life makes us cherish life better. It can all mean death because, At the end, the sand runs out. It can also mean, energy, balance, new beginnings peer and life cycles.

Hourglass Tattoo With Skull, Wings, And Shamrock

The hour glass has a flower suggesting that life is transient. It also has blood dripping into the second part. At the bottom of the second hourglass, lies a skull to suggest that there is death.The wings attached to it reminds us that time flies by.

Broken Hourglass Traditional Tattoo

This tattoo is a traditional hourglass design. It is spotting an eye with a teardrop. The glass is broken at the bottom. The broken hourglass represents pain or early death.

Blood In Hourglass Tattoo Design

This tattoo is very pretty too. It is a black and white hourglass that is broken at one part. There is blood flowing from the top part of the hour glass to the broken bottom then it is dripping on the floor.

3D Candle Wax Dripping Hourglass Tattoo

This tattoo is a full sleeve tattoo. It is very pretty, it is an old fashioned hourglass with a candle inside. It is a black and white tattoo. The candle is melting and so the wax drips into the second part of the hourglass. A red ribbon is floating around it. The melting candle signifies death and that life is transient.

Forgive In Time Hourglass Tattoo

Every single time I stare at this tattoo, it blows my mind away. The tattoo spots a broken hourglass frame. The top part of the hourglass has the words forgiveness written all over. The bottom part has butterflies. And what makes it cute? It’d purple and girly.

Lighthouse And Sinking Ship Hourglass Tattoo

This piece is very beautiful and artistic. There is a lighthouse at the top part of the hour glass. It leads to a sea with a ship sinking at the bottom. This is very creative and it shows that you can get artsy with your own.

Hourglass With Camellia

The hourglass is beautiful as it has the sands of time and a camellia flower beside it. The camellia flower shows that like flowers, human life is also transient, beautiful only for a little while.

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