Indian Tattos

Indian Tattos

When I wanted to get my first tattoo, part of the options I thought of was a star. I didn’t want to get something without meaning so I decided to search for the possible meaning of a star tattoo and find a meaning that was appealing to me. I found out more though. I discovered that a star tattoo is very common in India and guess what? There are a lot of very beautiful tattoos that are Indian. One fascinating thing about them is that they are connected to magical concepts. The most common Indian tattoo Is the black dot on the forehead. It shows that the bearer has found a love partner and it is also meant to prevent the person from the evil eye. If you like the Indian culture, why not get an Indian tattoo? Let’s see more ideas that you can try out.

Star Tattoo

Stars symbolize hope. They usually portray a light in the darkness. Thus, it encourages us to fight and find a path through the darkness. The star tattoo is  a meaningful one, especially to people who have gone through a lot in their lives. 

Tribal Tattoo

I love tribal tattoos, Maybe, it is because they remind me of a certain superhero and villain and they are hot. In India tribal tattoo are simple, they have a certain geometrical shape and they usually convey a message. 

Angel Tattoo

When someone mentions angels, the first picture that comes to my mind is religion. I don’t want to believed it is just me who thinks like that. In India, the angel tattoo signifies faith and spirituality. It represents a relationship with God. The angel tattoo is very popular now. A lot of people use it as a figure of guidance and protection.

Wings Tattoo

Wings also signify spirituality. The true meaning of the wings however depends on what type of Wing it is. An angels wing symbolizes guidance and protection. The wings of an eagle symbolize power, how cool is that? 

Maori Design

The maori design is very popular because of its unique use of bold lines and its repetition of specific design motifs.  This design is common among wrestlers, fighters, warriors, army men etc. It symbolizes the strength to fight. It originated from theTattooof the Maori people of new Zealand. 

Haida Tattoo

The is tattoo is really common because of its beauty and complexity. It even looks better as a tattoo because of its use of bold lines. The Haida people are one of the most heavily tattooed people in the world. They use tattoo to signify their family crest. According to history, they are one if the few tribes that had colored tattoos. 


Dragons are characters who cannot be just interpreted. They are perceived to be neither good or bad but they have a explosive temper. If you want a dragon tattoo, you can decide what you want, either fire dragons or water dragons or fury dragons. Dragon tattoos portray the influence of Japanese and chines culture in India.

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