Italian Tattoos

Italian Tattoos

Getting an Italian tattoo is supposed to be fairly easy because, Italian unlike a lot of other languages is easy to spell and it does not need a special lettering. However, you have to be careful with the spelling. In an episode of Miami Ink on the TLC channel where the customer wanted “per sempre” tattooed on his arm, which is the Italian word for “forever” but got “pre sempre” when it was actually finished.  It was not the tattoo artist’s fault, because the customer had designed the lettering for the tattoo by himself. The tattoo was only one letter off but unfortunately means nothing in Italian. It was sad case, but the artist was able to fix that mistake. A lot of people do not understand the language so it is very easy to turn “amare” which means love, to “amaro” which means bitterness with a strike of the needle. 

“Farsi Fare Un Tatuaggio” (to tattoo yourself) with an Italian tattoo, consider the context. Apart from the fact that it should mean something, it should also be related to the culture. Italian culture has a lot of quotes and vivid colors. 

Life Is Beautiful
Life is a beautiful journey, make sure to  enjoy every aspect of life and make way for better things that would come your way.

Family Is Everything
Family is important and family is the everything especially to italians. Why would you not want to wear a tattoo of the family?

National Pride
Our Country is very important to us. It makes a whole lot of sense that you would love to do anything for your motherland. So wear the colors of the flag and be proud of your motherland. It is cute. 

Horned Emotions
The Italian Horn represents pride and gives a lot of ingrained patriotism. This can be tattooed as a beautiful design.

The Brother
Siblings are awesome and there is no harm showing love to your brother by drawing this beautiful love quote on your body. Family is important and your brother is part of the family too. 

Love Rules
Love  rules and dominates your life and gives you lot of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness. Why not get a tattoo of the beautiful thing called love?

Lullabies Unlimited
Relive your inner childhood memories,
Sing a good lullaby and make your filled with rhythm and music, tune and harmony.

Forever Yours
Show your love to your loved ones, promise them that you would always be theirs. Proclaim it with a tone of finality and leave no doubt to their hearts.  

Tutto è permesso in guerra ed in amore. This is a popular italian saying. It translates to  “All is fair in war and love.” It is part of the culture. 

Esse nufesso qui dice male di macaruni.

Italians love their pasta and if you’re a pasta lover like I am or worse like any other Italian, don’t you think this would make a perfect tattoo? It translates to 

“Who speaks badly of macaroni is a fool.” I find it funny though. Italians and their love for food and culture.

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