Military Tattoos

Military Tattoos

Tattoos as we all know became extremely popular after the world war, this is because the soldiers would often ink the names of their loved ones on parts of their bodies.  Military tattoos are usually warfare symbols. Back in the days, the military tattoos did not have any meaning but they were compulsory to easily identify a soldier. Though, this has changed as it is no longer compulsory for a soldier to wear a tattoo but, a lot of soldiers, prefer to wear one. The most common meaning of military tattoo is accomplishments. After surviving the hard training and qualifying to serve in the military as soldiers, the soldiers get these tattoos as a sign of their accomplishments.. Soldiers also get tattoos to remember friends who died in battle. Death and friendships is a common occurrence in the military, so it is quite normal to lose friends in battles. They are also used to identify rankings on the military. They also signify, love and loyalty to one’s country. These days, even civilians draw military tattoos on their skin, but they have a different reason for drawing it. While some wear it to be cool, some others wear it to be respected, some others wear it to support the military and show their love for the country. There are different types of military tattoo, however, its origin can be traced back to, the American Civil War where both sides had their soldiers in tattoos symbolizing which side they were loyal to. After the civil war, all the wars that followed had tattoos distinguishing their soldiers. The tattoo types are divided into the arm of military they represent.

The US Army used to be the most conservative one when it comes to body markings. But, recently it was stated that no army officer should have any tattoo or any other artificial body markings on the neck and the hands. Whole this has been revised, army officials can still jot get facial tattoos. Designs that are common to army include:

Red Beret, this is found in soldiers that served in Airborne Division. It not only represents the color of their official beret, but it also shows their willingness to be deployed in an active battle area.

Tanks: Tanks protect and destroy anything in their way to winning a battle and so a soldier with this tattoo expresses his willingness to do the same.

Dog tags: Although, it can be worn by any soldier from in the military,  it is more common in the Army. Apart from the fact that it looks great it also serves important functions like identification purposes.


The navy is more liberal with its tattoos. The most common ones are;
The Navy Emblem: There are a lot of variations to this tattoo and the options are unlimited. However, the main features of this type of tattoo are the eagle clutching an anchor, the flag, gold chain links and the blue background that represents the Navy. Some people just tattoo the anchor or the flag or even the chains.

Nautical Star: This tattoo symbolizes the compass rose that helps to guide sailor’s home from a voyage at sea. Members of the marine love it because of its meaning.

Air Force

The air-force forbids tattoo that cover more than 25% of the body. However, there are minimalist tattoo designs.

Air Force Logo: The logo mainly comprises of a star on a ribbon background, but you can be creative with your tattoo using flags and eagles or any other symbol to portray your patriotism.

Jets:  jet tattoos are really pretty.  There are a lot of designs you can try but most people prefer the F-16 which is drawn with flames to make it look more realistic.

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