For many centuries, tattoos have been part of human’s expression of art, this art was made on the body using ink and various designs. Ancient tattooing was practice widely by one of the early technological developed civilizations of old, known as the proto-austronesians. These tattoos were known to be significant as they distinguished the tribes of that civilization. As modern education and civilization advanced, the applications of tattoos expanded and became very popular. Now we see tattoos being used to signify important things different people, they hold symbolic significance, also, they are a form of identification among tribe members, clans and gangs. Many also get tattoos because of the popularity of it or because of the beauty and complexity in its design.

         However, most of the tattoos seen today are symbolic. People who have experienced things and want to summarize it in a single image or in a complex designed, large tattoo or tattoos of people that mean important things to them, like idols, celebrities, loved ones, comic characters or even themselves. One of such tattoos would be discussed here. The mom and dad tattoo is common among people today as they are gotten to as just not great, detailed designs, but also because they hold various significance among the bearers, as they could show a representation of love, a deep rooted connection, respect and caring.

         Every man is different, regardless; however, every man at one point in his or her life had a father and a mother. This is the common thing every single person on the planet shares. For many, they see and live with their parents, father and mother and they are there to lay guidelines through life and even the future, until it is time for us to take up responsibilities of our own. However this situation is not so for many others as well. Many have experiences with only one parent, either mom or dad or none. Nonetheless, the mom and dad tattoo on the body depends majorly on the significance and symbolism the person tries to portray or holds dear at heart.

         As earlier stated, inking the face of mom and dad on your body holds great significance and applications. Some ink lovers may prefer a very well detailed design of their mom and dad or just mom or dad on their bodies. In situations like this, it could be an elaborate way of expressing an endearing “thank you”. An appreciation about everything the parents have done or given to them, it is the perfect way of saying so. Regardless of the background, whether being part of the family, or standing by them, tattooing your mom and dad, either in the words “mom and dad” or in an imagery, on your body, is an excellent way of showing love and gratitude to them for being there from the very beginning. Many parents stay glued to their children as a means of safety provision for the child as they grow up to become independent in life. Regardless of the tension, distance and so on. Through the years, the tattoo can make up for years of unsaid true feelings towards them.

         Furthermore, the mom and dad tattoo could create a connection to the past for those who lost their parents or never got the opportunity to meet them. Such ink users tattoo their skins to immortalize their parents and acknowledge them as givers of life. They remind you permanently about your arrival into this world and an assurance that you will see them again. These particular kind of tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and can be applied using various kinds of designs and personal effects to make them quite unique and a tremendous show of love.

         Consequentially, for those that grew up with a single parent, the mom tattoo or the dad tattoo goes a long way in symbolism. Many people in the world grew up with a single parent, maybe the dad ran out on them or the mom did or one of the parents unfortunately died. The mom tattoo or the dad tattoo can be inked in remembrance of them. They can be in very detailed styled writing of the words “mom” or “dad” or in an image of the single parent. This shows that they are not forgotten, they are loved, they are missed and they are appreciated. This kind of tattoo can be inked anywhere around the body, depending on the significance it holds with the ink lover. It could be a neck tattoo, a chest tattoo or even a large back tattoo. They are adorned in personal effects like the preferences of the parent before they left or died, in order to make them unique.

         Most adults of today have a very unique and excellent appreciation for their parents as they too have grown and have become parents of their own and have realized that the circle of life is now complete. Most of these people show their appreciation to their parents by tattooing their parents on their skin as a permanent reminder of those who gave birth to them as they are realizing the dedication and hard work required in being a good parent.

         These reminders in form of tattoo, like a family tree, in a way, shows the chronological way the child got into the world and showing to the new children how deep the roots go. These tattoos represent respect, love, family bond, generosity, admiration, strength and life, as they portray gratitude to the parents for bringing them into the world and giving them the necessary guide to be able to stand on their own and pass the same doctrines to their own children.

         This tattoo gesture appreciates parents in a permanent and unforgettable way and becomes an endless cycle in the generations of man as there would always be parents and there would always be people who appreciate them deeply. In acquiring these tattoos, the importance should be duly noted.

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