75 Oni Mask Tattoo Designs idea of 2018

75 Oni Mask Tattoo Designs idea of 2018

50 Oni Mask Tattoo Designs idea of 2018


One only needs to see the Oni mask once in a tattoo to know exactly what they are looking at. These unique and terrifying creatures resemble the devil himself in human form. This demon is extremely powerful and a force of the dark work that brings with him many different negative emotions to the surface.

Those who choose to get inked up with the Oni mask tattoos do so because they have a deeper understanding of the rich culture and tradition associated with this demon, so they do not take getting inked lightly just because the image may be appealing to some.

The History of the Japanese Oni

Take one look at the Oni mask and you can understand why he has struck fear into the hearts of the Japanese for centuries. This demon is certainly not appealing to look at and can give even those with strong wills nightmares after coming in contact with him.

This demonic presence has been closely associated with distressful and evil emotions.

To better understand why they are so feared, the legends say that the Oni lurks around the dying, waiting to rush the souls of the departed straight to Hell as quickly as possible. 


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