Oni Mask Tattoos

Oni Mask Tattoos

The oni tattoo is a Japanese mask tattoo. It is very colorful and catches a lot of attention. This is one of the reasons why even people that are not familiar with the Japanese culture fancy the tattoo. However, before you get an oni mask tattoo, you should get familiar with the meaning of this tattoo. The oni mask ratio is also known as the demon mask tattoo. According to those who believe in it, the oni mask is a protective symbol. It represents the devils ability to punish evil acts. The oni mask tattoo spots ogres and trolls. A lot of experts believe that when you wear a tattoo portraying one of these demons, then you have taken up their character. The oni mask tattoo can also symbolize growing from strength to strength. Although, there are a lot of evil represented in the Oni mask tattoo, there is also the good parts. It includes, help to other humans during the hard times. The tatoo can be associated with yakuza. Do you have ideas for an oni mask tattoo?  Well let me interest you with some of these ideas. 


Koi symbolizes positivity. It means bravery, strength, and determination owing to the fact that the koi is a fish that swims upward. The koi oni tattoo means bravery even in the face of adversary. Negatively, it can mean that the bearer is one that causes havoc when jealous. 

Red Ogre

The red ogre tattoo is very colorful. Like every other mask tattoo it does not fade. My advice is that you do it on a large surface part of your body, that way, the colors pop more and it is more beautiful. The chest or back would be perfect. This ogre is smiling and it is surrounded by flowers. If you decide on this tattoo, please note that the expression of your oni is very important. 


The skull is a symbol used to represent danger, or evil. In the Japanese oni, The skull represent a demonic life. A skull in the oni mask is used to honor the dead. So if you want something  to signify a dead loved one, you can try this out. 


The dragon is significant in Japanese culture. It is an animal that has strength and it does either bad or evil. A dragon with the oni mask represents the struggle between good and bad. It shows the difficulty in making a decision to either  use your ability to do good or to do evil. 

Tidal Waves

Waves can be subtle, at the same time, they are known to cause a lot of havoc. Like the oni, the tidal wave symbolizes destruction, but, it is also known to have its calm moments. 


The snake oni is very common especially to the yakuza people. In modern Japanese culture, it means good luck and protection. However, in the ancient times, the snake symbolizes immortality. According to tattoo experts, the snake oni actually means that the bearers rage will never die. It could also be a symbol of good luck depending on what you mean with it. 

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