Panther Tattoos

Panther Tattoos

There is no any specific meaning of the panther, since it has different personalities that define it. The tattoo can be applied with the full body of the animal, or it could only be applied with its face alone. Some draw the paw of the panther, which will change the overall meaning.

The panther can be applied to symbolize cunningness, bravery, courage or confidence. These are common traits of the panther. Some will use the tattoo to show that they are ready to face any type of challenge and that they can comfortably achieve what they are aiming.

The tattoo can also be used to symbolize beauty, which is a common design applied by women. This is also similar to the aesthetic aspect of the tattoo. Such a tattoo will not entail the real panther with fierce claws and eyes. Rather, it will be designed to look like an animated tattoo. They can also be used to symbolize feminity and motherhood, which will have a feminine design.

Some people apply the tattoo to symbolize freedom, power, leadership and a powerful defender. These are mostly applied by men. The design will look classy and somewhat fierce.  The meaning of this tattoo is broad and every design will have its own meaning. There are some tattoos that will include a panther with a different type of animal, especially from the cat family. These tattoos will have an ambivalent meaning and they will be used to pass a particular message.



Traditional panther tattoo

This one is basically the black panthers and they are the most common types of panthers applied as tattoos. The black panthers will be applied to symbolize honor, beauty, feminity and motherhood. These panthers tend to stalk on their preys and for that, they can also be used to symbolize intelligence. They can also symbolize secretiveness.

Tribal panther tattoo
This is another type of tattoo of the panther that is becoming more popular in the recent times. The tribal panther will be used to connect the person to the spiritual world, in terms of ability and power. It an be applied to show the connection of the person to a certain culture. The tribal panther will also be used to symbolize honor, wisdom, valor, strength, feminine divine beauty and power.

Panther claw designs
You can have the claw of the panther on some areas like the wrist or the arm. This claw can be applied to symbolize power, fierce conflict, and strength. The design of the claw will vary and you will want to ensure that it gives out the real meaning. If you want other details like color blend, ensure that you choose the right color. This type of tattoo can also be used to send a message to the bearer’s enemies.

Carolina Panther design

This one is usually dedicated to the American Football fans. These panther designs will have a different meaning and they will come with different colors. They can be applied with blue and black themes and the panther will come with a wide open mouth. The real meaning of the panther is understood by the NFL team, though it could mean that the team is fierce and can take on any other team.

Crawling panther design

The most common panthers are applied when they are crawling, showing that they are in a fighting stance. This one can be used to show that the person is as fierce as the panther. Though other people only apply the tattoos to appreciate the beauty.

Cartoon panther design tattoos
These tattoos are sued to bring elegance and innocence to the panther. It can be gentle and friendly in appearance, but it can also be fierce. Regardless of the appearance, the cartoon panther will be more elegant and it is used to bring in other personalities to the panther image.

Pink panther design tattoo
This one has been a common image on the TV and some people apply it as a tattoo to show the elegance. It can be applied just for humor and fun and it doesn’t have an exact meaning. Others can show that they have similar skills and personalities as the detective in the movie.

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