Peony Flower Tattoos

There are a lot of myths surrounding the peony flower. It is said that the flower is gotten from “Paeon” who was a physician to gods and who received the peony flower on Mount Olympus from mother of Apollo. The other version of the myth is that “Paeon” the physician to gods, was saved from fate of dying like the other mortals, hence, he changed into the Peony flower. The peony is a beautiful flower which is associated with a lot of things, including wealth and honor. It signifies prosperity and romance and there are people who see them as symbols of good fortune and happy marriage. I want to get a peony tattoo, it looks really cute and chic. The peony flower tattoo is said to symbolize wealth, good fortune and prosperity. It is a strong symbol of beauty, fragility and transitory nature of existence. Even better, they depict that achieving great rewards is only possible by taking great risks. In the traditional Japanese culture, there is a pairing of some tattoo elements like dragons, demons and lions with flowers. This, balances out the power and beauty of these items. Peonies are  flower symbols which have been traditionally paired with shish or Japanese Lion. This pairing is known as Karajishi and it is believed that the lion’s ferocity is tampered by the peony’s beauty. The peony is popular in the Asian culture and it is known to have similar meaning with lotus, chrysanthemum and cherry blossom. It is a symbol of wealth. Also It should be noted that in China and Japan people used stone lions to guard sacred places, homes, palaces and temples and thus, the combination of the peony and the lion is not accidental. The peony tattoo cones in different forms and shades of colors. From.yellows, to oranges and even white and blue, you should be able to decide the color and shade you want. You can Also add characters including samurai’s and geisha’s to your tattoo design. You can add other flowers to get a better design too. Whatever you do, a peony flower tattoo is symbolic and powerful so whether or not you add other characters to it, it does not matter.

Tattoo With Mauve Petals

This tattoo is really pretty, the petals pop out better when you pair them with green leaves. Using a layering effect would also give it depth. Depending on the artiste the tattoo can be tweaked to look better, like combining shades of the same color.

Peony On The Elbow

The peony on the elbow tattoo is very pretty. As a result of the position, the design often looks like the flower would blossom. You can choose to have more than one flower. Also, depending on the artist, giving it more dimension would make it look real.

Grey Ink Peony Flower Tattoo

The grey ink peony flower tattoo is like any other peony flower tattoo but it is done in grey and black ink. It is very pretty too. It can be layered to add details to it.

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