Pirate ship tattoo

Pirate ship tattoo

Marine tattoos are very common with sailors. I once walked in on a man getting a tattoo of a sinking ship. I was tempted to ask what he meant, he just told me it was a marine tattoo. Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by how we have a tattoo related to everything. The enthusiast in me made my own findings and you would be surprised to find out that marine tattoos were not popular in Europe till the 1700’s when captain James Cook went to Maori tribe of the south pacific and returned with tattoos. His tattoos were quite racy. However, by the 19th century majority of the European sailed and United States navy had tattoos. One thing to note about these tattoos is that religious and superstitious symbols are usually added to it. This is because the sailors are usually exposed to harsh elements, so they believed in them for protection. Sailors also tattooed the pictures of their vessel on their skin. For a while, these nautical designs were out of style but now, they are becoming increasingly popular especially among young adults. Let’s take a look at some of these ship designs and their meanings.

The Sailing Pirate Ship

The pirates were in all their glory whenever they sailed down the open seas. It is at this point that they often overpowered unsuspecting vessels. The sailing pirate ship represents a person with power, who strikes fear in the hearts of others and is not scared to dirty his hands to do what he believes in. This tattoo is a very common one. Depending on you, you can decide if you want it to look realistic or like a cartoon. It comes Along with sails. Often times, this tattoo is very detailed, you can just see the movement in your imagination. Some have the water and waves, others don’t but that’s for you to decide what you want. You can personalize it by adding ropes, flags, anchors, bow figureheads, crows nests, or even billowing sails. You might decide to include a lighthouse,rocks mermaids, sirens or even the coastal landscape. It could mean home, a new journey or even a new beginning.

The Custom Pirate Ship Tattoo

A lot of gangs have pirate ship tattoos. This is to symbolize that their way of life does not conform to what is seen as normal by the society. Also, the pirate ship tattoo appeals to a lot of people, sometimes, it is to potray troubled past, a change in direction, or simply dealing with life’s challenges. It can also represent a loved one who has passed away. You can customize yours to me an what you want it to mean. For instance, adding an anchor could mean stability. You can show the ship in a battle to represent overcoming a problem. A compass could represent direction. Whatever you want, either fun, dark or deep, you can try it out with this tattoo.

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