Quarter Sleeve Tattoos are those covering about a quarter of arm length, which look elegant compared with those full sleeve tattoos. These sleeve tattoos are very popular among men. They are perfect for showing off, especially if you have a well-toned arm. Its  smaller size is what makes it truly unique and discreet. It gives you the sheer joy of ink that wraps its way all the way around your arm with a full background, alongside the joy of easily being able to cover them up with clothing as a professiona or business executive that you are. There’s no doubt about it, tattoo sleeves are being more widely accepted among society.

         An advantage of quarter sleeve tattoos is that it’s a great way to avoid the tiresome hours upon hours spent sitting in the chair while getting a full or even half sleeve done, of course, as time progresses you can always add more ink to your arm. Not to mention, you can stretch out your budget further too and slowly finance the tattoo of your dreams over a longer period of time.

           Your main concern should be figuring out what size of the sleeve tattoos you want, do you want a half arm sleeve, quarter arm sleeve or full arm sleeve?  Also you have to choose the design,motif and theme of the tatoo. There are lots of themes to choose from, ranging from tribal, skull, rose, dragon, etc. The designs and ideas you can run with are endless. And truth be told, even angel, flower and religious tattoos on men can look masculine.

           The next thing to do is to shop around for artists. Every artist has their own style and flair. Pick one you love based on their style, and work with them to visualize your ideas. After  you must have picked out an artist you like, do some research on what makes a good tattoo artist and see if they check off everything on the list. Aside from style, professionalism and personality are very important.

            Also choose a few symbols. Once you have the style, the theme, and the message in mind, you should pick out some symbols to add meaning to the overall design. For example, if you love the ocean and wanted to get a tribal style tattoo that represented heartbreak, you might think about incorporating symbols such as hearts, wilting roses, a shipwrecked boat, a broken anchor, waves crashing into a heart-shaped rock, etc.symbols into one design. Also in getting that beautiful quarter sleeve tattoo,never try to cram a bunch of meaning, this makes it look cheap. Also you need to choose your tattoo color. Do you want black and white, greyscale, or color?

            Also you need to discuss about the  placement of the tattoo, incase you  have low pain tolerance. It necessary that you avoid the armpits, the elbows, the inner elbows, and the wrists. Plan around this.Discuss and plan with your artist.  You should talk to your tattoo artist about your likes and dislikes and tell them exactly what you want to convey. They will sit down with you and plan out several designs that will incorporate your ideas. Allow them some freedom of artistry. In the end, you will have the final say in what gets permanently inked on your body, but, before then, let the artist do what they do bes which is designing.

           There are also some tips you should have at the back of your mind. First of all, don’t be afraid to be vague. You don’t have to come in with a design drawn out and colored in. Show your artist some paintings that inspire you, songs you like, photos of tattoos that you think are cool, etc. Secondly,some people plan for years, and then get the entire thing tatted on in one series of sessions. Others create a vague theme so that they can add different symbols and pieces in over the years as they acquire memories or complete milestones. The decision is up to you. Also, never compare prices, only compare quality. Your tattoo is going to last forever, so make a worthy investment. Alternatively, you can spend more money to get it removed or live with regret for the rest of your life. And do not be cheap. Don’t try to save money by asking for a smaller one. The proportions will look crappy!Finally, don’t try to cram a bunch of meanings and symbols into one design. This makes it look cheap.

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