Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of people, tattoos have a way of making you look more intimidating and less friendly. However tattoos are fun, they are enchanting and they are one of the prettiest forms of body art. It is easy to spot full sleeved inked guys and half sleeved inked guys but there is also the quarter sleeve and it is just as beautiful as the full or half sleeve. They usually start from the shoulder and end  on the mid bicep. Sometimes, they start at the wrist and end at the mid forearm. 

One of the perks of thus tattoo is their discreet nature. First it is small in size and you can easily cover it up with a cloth. Also, it saves you the time you would spend sitting at a tattoo parlor just to get a full sleeve or half sleeve done.  Let’s not forget the money spent, yes you spend lesser. 

Flower and Font quarter sleeve tattoo; 

This tattoo has a full drawing of the petals of a flower. Below it, there is a text inscription. The tattoo is simple and anybody can get it. It looks manly in a way that it is not too manly either and it is suitablefor a lady too. It is really pretty

Dove Shoulder

The dove shoulder tattoo has a picture of doves. There are two doves in the middle surrounded by other doves too. It kooks like a mess but at the same time it looks like a very pricey work of art. The colors are subtle and it gives the tattoo a flaking look. It is truly beautiful. 

Hummingbird Tattoo

This tattoo is very colorful. First it has a flower garden and the hummingbird is in green, very earthy. The hiking bird is holding a keychain that has a skull. If that does not scream beauty, I don’tAngel and cherubs

Angel And Cherubs

This one is pretty, and religious all in one. Apart from the drawing of angels and cherub, there is a sweet note attached to it, its poetic too. Now here is what I call a perfect idea for a quarter sleeve tattoo. It’s simple, and if you’re not a fan of colors, it is not colorful. I love it. 

Stick To Your Guns

This one is a drawing of two guns that are crossed. There is the inscription stick to your guns on it. This is very badass and mysterious. It screams dangerous too. 


This one is a pattern of roses. The roses keep overlapping into the other. It is very pretty. It has a soft pink hue beautifying it too. 

Skull And Flower

This quarter sleeve tattoo starts with a pink rose, the rose starts the head of the skull. The skull is ice blue, like the color of winter. At the jaw, the petals of another rose can be seen descending. This is really beautiful. It is another tattoo I’m excited to try out too. 


You just have to try out a tribal tattoo. One they remind me of cultures, two, they are simple and beautiful. And well, black panther showed a lot of tribal tattoos why not try yours and be as cool as the marvel franchise? 

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