Sagittarius tattoos

Sagittarius tattoos

Sagittarius Is the zodiac sign for those born between November 21 and December 21. It is a fire sign and its symbol is a bow and arrow. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and it is the ninth zodiac sign. People who have Sagittarius as their sun sign are very stubborn people, it is hard to make them to anything other than what they want. However, they are very confident and they always speak their minds. When it comes to a zodiac tattoo, you can get a lot of ideas for one, let’s take a look at ideas for the headstrong Sagittarius, tell me your favorite. 


The arrow is part of the symbol of the Sagittarius. The arrow means a lot of things, like the fact that you are determined and goal oriented. You can etch it to your wrist or the back of your ear. You can be more spunky,make it colorful. 

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

The bow and arrow is the symbol of the Sagittarius. It is cool in a way that it would make people wonder why you have a tattoo of a bow and arrow, it could be a conversation starter too. You could try out the traditional bow and arrow design or you could make it 3D.  Whatever you decide, it is a very pretty tattoo. 

Centaur Tattoo

The centaur is a Greek mythological creature that is associated with Sagittarius. It is a half man and half horse. The head, arms and torso are human,  joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. You could make yours more realistic by giving the man muscles. You can etch yours to your shoulder blade or lower back. 

Sun Tattoo

Sagittarius is a fire sign and what better symbol of fire do you use than the fierce ball of natural heat and light, the sun. If you get a tattoo of the sun done, it would remind you that you are confident and you have a strong personality, so never lose faith in yourself. 

3 Arrows Tattoo

The three arrow tattoo is just a creative way of modifying the arrow tattoo. It signifies single mindedness towards a goal, traits which Sagittarians have. You can be more creative with yours, add a burst of color. 

Sagittarius Tattoo

If you like a more direct approach, you can etch the word “Sagittarius” into your skin. If you’re creative, you can make it an ambigram tattoo. It would prevent misconceptions with the symbols. 

An ‘S’ with a piercing Arrow Tattoo

Now, this is a very common tattoo but you can be creative with yours too. The tattoo has the “s” for Sagittarius and an arrow to symbolize the sign too. You can make yours better by changing the font style,size and even color, there, you have your unique Sagittarius tattoo. 

A Woman Holding An Arrow Tribal Tattoo

Believe in your inner artist. You can make your Sagittarius tattoo to be whatever you want and this tattoo of a woman prepared to shoot an arrow is proof. In a way, this signifies, feminist power and ambition in a fast paced and competitive world. Don’t forget to add colors. It makes more sense. 

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