20 Moon and Stars tattoos Design Ideas of 2018

20 Moon and Stars tattoos Design Ideas of 2018

The moon and stars tattoos have been a part of human curiosity for as long as people have been communicating with one another. Both of these celestial bodies complement each other in the sky, and they have been a part of ancient lore and mystery for centuries.

Moon and Star Tattoos Ideas

Moon and star tattoos are widely open to interpretation. Create your personal design by taking elements of ideas that speak to you and arranging them to fit your body.

Put a star in a moon or vice versa. One great design idea involves putting a moon inside a star that frames it or the reverse. This type of Moon and star tattoos are rich with symbolism since the two elements are pulling off each other’s energy.

Layered images can add depth that a single design can’t. Try placing a crescent moon over the stars, so the star is only partially seen. Add a few small stars either within the moon itself, or around the edge for detail.

Moon tattoos design

This astrological body is feminine in energy. It is considered a symbol of the feeling side of human nature. As a deity, moon worship is even older than sun worship. Consider Isis, the goddess symbolic of the moon in ancient Egyptian culture. She actually predates sun worshipers.

Stars tattoos design

Stars have never truly been considered deities, but they still hold certain meanings, depending on the number of points they have. In general, stars are viewed as embodiments of divine power, lighting the way in the darkness. They can be considered symbols of goodness and truth.

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