The art of tattooing ink on the skin has been part of humanity for centuries. Some mummies found in tombs in Egypt were seen to be tattooed before they were mummified. Tattooing is simply the art of using ink, dyes and pigments to create designs that carry important meanings, are pictorial and decorative on the skin of living things; humans and animals alike. Over the years, tattoos have evolved from being just some form of identification to meaning something to the wearing or passing a message to the people who see it. Other tattoos are just used because they are beautiful, have incredible design or they look very realistic. However, most of the tattoo designs on people seen in these modern days are symbolic. One of such symbolic tattoos is the Batman logo or signal tattoo.

         There are a great many superhero design for tattoos out in the world, nonetheless, the most popular among these designs belong to that of the Batman and they come in various shapes, sizes, complexity, color, etc. This kind of tattoo is common among comic lovers or those that understand the significance of the superhero they choose to tattoo on their bodies, as they illustrate all that is dope in comics and superhero movies, and sincerely, the Batman designs are the coolest tattoo designs. If you plan to get a Batman tattoo, the information here would help you understand its significance and applications and ease your decision making.

         Batman, whose fictional name is Bruce Wayne is a globally recognized superhero. He was created towards the end of the 1940s by DC Comics. He is probably the coolest superhero known in today as he is a billionaire playboy, who owns and runs a company (Wayne Enterprises) during the day and fights crime, either solo or alongside the earth’s greatest superheroes-the Justice League-by night. He does not possess any super human powers, thus, he relies on his use of fear and brute force. He is skilled in various forms of martial arts and has extremely high mastery of all forms of weapons, ancient to modern. People relate to the Batman because he is so human, yet a superhero. He is known as the Batman because he dresses up like a Bat at night and fights crime instilling fear in the hearts of law breakers.

         Batman is mostly relatable as a character because his abilities are achievable buy any real life person who is dedicated and motivated enough, together with his look, it makes people get many various types of Batman tattoos. In getting a Batman tattoo, many prefer to get not just the logo, which is Bat with wings spread out, but the face of the man beneath the cowl of the Batman costume, showing that they appreciate not just the symbolism Batman carries and his abilities, but also the man wearing the Bat uniform.

         The perfectly detailed bat silhouette is originally black, like the rest of the costume, but can be filled with designs that make the image appear more realistic, symbolic and sophisticated. This type of Batman tattoo would fit onto your wrist, shoulder or even your forearm. The Batman signal looks great as a larger design too, like, as used as a back tattoo. According to the Batman comic books, the Police Department worked hand in hand with the Batman, giving him cases that had to do with superhuman cases. The Commissioner, Gordon, would light up a roof top lamp with the Bat emblem on it into the sky, showing the Batman signal on the clouds and visible anywhere anyone was in Gotham city, letting offenders know that the Batman is coming for them also alerting Batman that there was a job for him.

         Creativity with the Batman signal as a tattoo is highly recommended. Over the years, there have been various depictions of Batman; in comic books, cartoons and movies. In tattooing the Batman symbol on your body, you can pick any of these depictions. As aforementioned, creativity is important, you do not want to be stuck with a sub-par Batman imagery on your body or a plain color symbol. You can make use of Batman’s sidekick, Robin or the popular villains that gave Batman major hard times, like the Joker, the Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, etc. It is common to just have the Batman or his logo as tattoos, however, including the characters show your love for the Batman story. These designs can be large, they are mostly large, they can also be small, like a forearm tattoo or an ankle tattoo.

         The Batman tattoo, holds incredible imagery. Many people that get the tattoo, often try to show that they would fight for justice in their own ways or for those that were unjustly treated and have lost confidence in standing up for themselves in certain areas of their lives can get the tattoo as a confidence booster. Furthermore, the Batman signal tattoo signifies good societal values, such as helping others in need and an epitome of hope as well as hard work, courage and dedication.

         Batman tattoos however require a lot of ink time and if you plan on getting one inked on your body, you would need to muster all the courage you can find within you. For experience ink lovers, it is nothing, for newbies however, this kind of pain may be too much. Having a Batman tattoo nonetheless shows that you have the stones to endure pain and engrave the signal on your body.

         As it has been explained, there are various applications in tattooing the Dark Knight/Batman signal on your body. You should figure out the size of the design you prefer in order to pick a good spot on your body for it. Getting the tattoo requires patience depending on the complexity of the design and size. Nonetheless, if you take your time with the decision and understand the reason why you choose to have the design, you would be proud of it for the rest of your life.

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