Over the years, the practice of tattooing has evolved. From being a form of identification within the army in Europe during the World War II, to being a unique form of body art, through inserting ink, dyes, pigments into the upper layer of the skin. They can be permanent or temporary. The present day tattoo lover should seek one of three things when trying to acquire a new body art; the symbolism of the tattoo, the decoration involved in it and its pictorial quality. Each of these can be selected independently and collectively, which is why you would be advised to think well before acquiring a tattoo because it becomes part of your identity.

One of such symbolic, yet pictorial and decorated tattoo is the fishing hook tattoo. The fishing hook is one of the equipment used by a fisherman in catching his fish, most of this kind of tattoo can be found among them, fishermen, however, you do not necessarily need to be a fisherman before you can have the fishing hook tattoo. It is unique in design, has multiple applications depending on your preference and holds important meaning to those who ink them on their skins.


Fishing hook tattoos symbolizes a lot in today’s modern society than the populace gives it credit for, and most of these designs have been known to be one of the most fun-looking, coolest tattoos around. As aforementioned, if you are a fisherman, having the fishing hook tattoo could be excellent skin art for you, here, the meanings and symbolisms held by these tattoos would be discussed.

Most of the common reasons people get a fishing hook tattoo is to portray their love for fishing or just simply cruising in a fishing boat. In such situations, the fishing hook tattoo is very distinct, very realistic in design, making it clear their love for the hobby of fishing. The fishing hook tattoo can be in any form just as long as it is obvious that it a fishing hook.

Furthermore, everybody has ambitions, dreams they want to achieve, how they want to achieve them; some are more ambitious than others are. The fishing hook holds symbolism for ambition. The fishing hook tattoo is perfect for you if you “cast your line” trying to hook onto great things for yourself, however, this can also be applied if you love fishing as you can attach multiple meanings to the design depending on how much it means to you. It is important that you like the design and the meaning you want to attach to it. That is all that matters.

Consequentially, quite a number of men get the fishing hook tattoo as a way of showing women that they a very good “catch”. Most times, this is a joke, it however, could imbibe the confidence the tattoo bearer is looking for. It could even be attractive to a lady who sees the tattoo and understands the meaning. These fishing hook tattoos have an incredible design whose aim is to pop off the skin and catch people’s attention.


Fishermen, many times, make use of this tattoo to show their dedication to what they love, fishing. They associate vast symbolisms to their designs. Others use the design showing that they have “hooked” the love of their lives, could be someone they have tried to get for many yearsor someone they love so much they do not want to ever loose, showing their commitment to their partners. The unique thing about this application of fishing hook tattoo is that the hooks can be joined facing each other to form a heart shape representation of love or show the hook piercing the skin showing you are taking.

The more colorful tattoos really catch people’s attention and are displayed in pride by the owners. Especially by those trying to show their love for fishing. They would show an actual fishing hook hooked in a fish in a glorious tattoo form. Here the tattoo is very personalized and still performs it’s duty as a cool-looking tattoo. In acquiring this particular tattoo however, the picture of the hook is better than the actual hook itself as the artist would find it easier transferring the image to stencil pencil.


In getting a fishing hook tattoo, creativity with the design is important, especially if the tattoo is the only one you are getting. Having additional meaning to the tattoo by having symbolic inclusions, such as; a heart on the end of the hook or the hook going through the skin. You could include a couple fish life swimming around the hook underwater. This creates a beautiful work of art that portrays your feelings, intent and creativity.

Furthermore, another application of the fishing hook tattoo is in 3D form. 3D tattoos are very popular these modern times and they constantly attract people’s attention. They use incredibly cool shading work and make the fishing hook look like it can be touched or like it is sitting on the skin. Especially, where the wearer decides to make the hook look like it is going through the skin, 3D art is very practical here as it actually looks like it is going through the skin instead of it being a tattoo. The artist could also give the hook a shiny metallic look, making it realistic. The design could be done in such a way that it would have little drops of blood added to the designs to make it look like the hook is in the real skin or is raised above the skin, making it look like it is pulling the skin upwards.

It is no surprise that people like fishing hook tattoos. They look very cool and sophisticated and hold a bunch of important meanings; also, they are not the type of tattoos that attract regret later in life after acquisition. Nonetheless, it is important to have a very good artist work on it in order to have the best work done.

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