The Mark of Cain’s Tattoo (Meaning)

The Mark of Cain’s Tattoo (Meaning)

The mark of Cain is peculiar to the Russian mob. The mob has different tattoos and they mean different things. Although the violence cannot be agreed with but it is quite fascinating to go through the body art of these people, mist especially the surprising meanings. 

A snake around the neck

A tattoo around the neck signifies drug addiction. A lot of the Russian criminals are usually alcohol and substance abusers. Most of the crimes are committed in their state of intoxication. This type of criminal is often referred to as  extremely dangerous recidivists, they have carried out very grave offences such as murder or paedophilia. They are often assigned to harsher and more restricted regimes of detention when compared to the other prisoners, and are not subject to be released on parole.

Stars on the shoulder

The star tattoos actually represent a hardened Russian criminal with a lot of prison authority. The ages are actually medals. These medals existed before the Revolution. The tattoos can be seen  as sign of antagonism and defiance towards the giverment of the Soviet Union. 

“He who is not with me is against me”

This Nazi symbols actually mean that the bearer may have fascist relations. In reality, the signs are usually made as a form of rebellion to the prison authority. During the Soviet period, these tattoos were often removed forcefully. It was usually by surgery or by etching


A tattoo of a mermaid can mean that the bearer was sentenced to prison for rape or molestation. The person is usually nicknamed jargon or amurik meaning ‘cupid’, lohmatii ‘shaggy’, or a universal ‘all rounder’. They are usually ‘lowered’ in rnk by other prisoners by being forcibly sodomised by them, sometimes in groups too. 

Skull and crossbones

The skull and cross bones represent a life sentence. It is usually for a very grave crime like murder. The person cannot be released on parole too.

The snake coiled around human remains

This is another variant of the old thieves tattoo. The snake is a symbol of temptation; however the snake’s head has been replaced by that of a woman: the temptress. The tattoo is worn by hooligans and rapists. 

Madonna and child

The bearer is a child of a prison. The drawing is actually to act as a talisman to guise him from any it of misfortune. He is an hardened criminal. He has been a thief since a very early age, so he see the prison as his home. 

The eye and sunbmachine tattoo

The tattoo of the eye mean I’m watching over you like in relation to the prison inmates. It is from a old soviet union TV show. It is about a gang leader who ends up in jail, he defends himself against the Soviet power and fights back. On his submachine gun are the letters ‘US’ which along with the skyscrapers and dollar bills embody the ideological opponents of the Soviet Union and show an extreme  hatred of the government.

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