Underboob Tattoos

Underboob Tattoos

Tattoos are beautiful due to their art and overall display. The placement of such tattoos also goes a long way in boosting its pleasantness. One uncommon area when it comes to applying tattoos is the underboob.

Tattoos placed in the underboob are not just special, but they are also very sexy. Underboob tattoos are not only pleasing to the person that views it, but also the wearer.

These tattoos are also called the Sternum, and they are becoming more popular among tattoo lovers. Some designs stretch all along the stomach area from under the boobs. Some are applied from under the boobs, and pass between the boobs and all through the chest area. And there are some that will basically surround the entire breasts. Nevertheless, the major feature of the tattoo will always be around the boob area.

Many people who apply them admit that these tattoos are very painful to apply. But the pain is definitely worth it, because the tattoo will look beautifully elegant when it is finally drawn.

Most wearers usually have a special purpose for applying them, and there is no default meaning to these tattoos.Some apply them for the sake of earning some respect. So that whenever they step out to work out, or wear a 2-piece swimsuit to the pool or beach, they would be sending a clear message to other people telling them that they are bad ass and proud of it.

Some others apply the tattoos just to please their men. These tattoos have proven to have both romantic and sensual connections that pulls the man. The fact that the tattoos applied under the boobs are usually meant for the special people that can see them, makes it all the more enticing.

And some apply it as a way of appreciating the beauty of art.


Ideas For An Underboob Tattoos

Chandelier tattoos.

Chandeliers are usually used to symbolize wealth, purity or brightness. It is a known fact that chandeliers are included in mansions and have an elegant aesthetic. Some women extend the love for chandeliers and the status it portrays by applying them as tattoos under their breasts.

The Scarab Tattoo.

The scarab is a specie of beetle, and were sacred to the ancient Egyptians. They are the largest species of beetles and are very unique in their appearance. This tattoo can be applied to represent the resurrection, immortality or general life. They can also be used to represent the sun.

Sugar Skull Tattoo.

They are also called the Calaveras and they were originally designed on the Cinco de Mayo, which is the 5th day of May. They are used to enjoy the beauty of life and commemorate mortality. It is a brightly coloured skull face icon, placed on the grave of the deceased to celebrate their life during festivals and feast days. When done as a tattoo, they are normally darker in colour and more macabre, but still very elegant.


Isis Tattoo.

Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess, the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. She is worshiped as the ideal mother and wife, and as the matron of nature and magic. She used to listen to the prayers of the wealthy, noble and aristocrats, but made exceptions for women. The figure of Isis applied as a tattoo can be used to show that the lady has some special ability. Isis was also connected to politics, so it could also mean that the lady has some political connection.

Lotus Tattoo.

The Lotus flower is a symbol that was and is still being highly valued in Hinduism and Buddhism. The petals of the lotus flower is used to symbolize the different factors of faith. It was used to symbolize purity. The Buddhists believe that the mind of a person should be as clean as the petals of the Lotus flower. So when the Lotus flower is applied as a tattoo under the boobs, it could be used to show that they are pure.

Underboob Tattoos

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