Virgo Tattoos

Virgo Tattoos

Getting the right idea for a tattoo can be very difficult. Sometimes, you think, you have seen the perfect one, then you check and there is something better. You should try astrological tattoos. They are just so magical. The astronomical tattoos are so cute, getting a pretty tattoo of your zodiac. If you have Virgo as your zodiac, there is a lot of pretty design you might love to try out. You see, your zodiac sign might not completely define you but, it is part of who you are. You can get a tattoo in different shapes and sizes, just get a good design and a good artiste so, you are not stuck with something bad. One of the myths surrounding the Virgo symbol is that it is based on the goddess of innocence and purity, Astra-ea. This is why a lot of people opine that Virgo is the symbol for feminism and innocence. It is also very in sync with the earth based on the fact that the goddess was the last immortal to leave the earth. This is so cool.

However there is a second theory on this symbol. Some other people believe that the symbol is based on the goddess of the harvest, Ceres, This is because the constellation appears during the spring and it disappears during the winter. These theories actually mean a lot and they contribute to the characters attributed to the sign.  Basically, Virgo burns are usually kind people who care a lot about physical and mental well-being of others.

Well there are so many designs out there as virgo tattoo is one of the most varied designs.  So, let’s check it out.

The most common designs are associated with the constellation and symbol. Often times, people include flames, flowers, stars or personalized information such as names, dates, and phrases.

Virgo Constellation

The tattoo is simple, elegant and says everything about the Virgo sign. The virgo symbol and the constellation is a must have. You know, virgo is not just a sign but it is the largest constellation.

Virgo Symbol

This tattoo of the Virgo symbol, is small yet gorgeous. If you are all for the minimalist approach then this us perfect for you. This Greek symbol is a very simple one and can be spiced up by adding to other tattoos. Though it is very small, the design is very intricate. It shows, the curves and eloquent shadings and this is by far one of the best versions of the symbol.

Virgo Lady .

Since virgo represents feminism, it is not surprising to see people actually get s tattoo of a woman to represent the sign. According to both theories of its origin, the symbol is based on goddess, why not unleash your inner goddess and get this done?

3D Virgo sign

You can try out the 3D version of the sign. The design is as simple as any other virgo sign but it shows a great attention to the details hence giving it a non mistakable 3D appearance.

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