Warrior Tattoos

Warrior Tattoos

I don’t know why but it seems like there is a recent craze for warrior tattoos. Everyone just wants to be inked with something that means warrior. It is pretty cool and if you are ready to join the #warriors bandwagon then you should check out interesting ideas for your tattoo. The warrior tattoo symbolizes heritage, goals and aspirations. For some others, it is a reminder of the willingness to fight for causes which they believe in, like, protecting the family, and battling without fear. There is an overwhelming number of warrior tattoos that you can try out. Check it out. 

Modern Day Warrior

Thus is a very popular design basically because of its diverse meanings. It can mean, inner strength, power, and cultural heritage. The warrior design can also represent  protection, feminism, or virility. The traditional warrior is full of pride, masculinity, and has this incredible willingness to fight for his beliefs. He is not afraid to take part in historic battles, and  gets stronger as he is challenged by larger foes. 

The Celtic Warrior

The tattoo is common among people with  Welsh, Scottish, and Irish descent, the tattoos feature intricate knot details on shields or helmets, or as backdrops for the warriors to stand. The tattoo signifies virility and power, and a willingness to go up against anything that will stand as an opponent in your way. 

The Tribal Warrior

The tribal warrior design are a never changing favorite. They symbolize a connection to family, honor, and a fearlessness to combat any opponent no matter how large. The tribal design portray an unending power. 

The Ancient Warrior

The most beautiful warriors lived thousands of years ago. They fought fierce battles with hardly any weapon. The warriors can be seen among the Greeks, Vikings, and Mongolians. The ancient warrior tattoo design is a representation of fearlessness, primal power, and strength. 

Female Warriors

Yeah, there are female warrior designs too. We are all for equal rights okay? We have exceptional female warriors too like Celtic warrior Maeve, and Joan of Arc. The female warrior tattoos symbolize strong beliefs, respect for feminine strength, and can be symbolic of your own feminist beliefs. 

Roman Warrior.

Let’s admit it the most popular warriors are all Roman warriors. Their greatest principle was strength in numbers, no matter how great their opponents. It is little wonder why they always won. The Roman warrior design usually have Latin inscriptions on the such as  “carpe diem,” which means “seize the day” or “Veni, Vidi, Vici,” which means “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Whether you decide on the helmet, sword or shield they all  represent unlimited power, strength, and coordination.

Hawaiian Warrior

Hawaiian culture is unique in America. So when you get an Hawaiian tattoo, you are showing state pride. The tattoo design generally signifies strength and beauty of culture. The warriors are often  masked  which intimidated their enemies. The most

popular is the warrior cross hatching design on the arm band. To stay OK the Hawaiian theme, use black ink.

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