Weeping Willow Tattoos

Weeping Willow Tattoos

Do you know the reason why willow trees are called weeping willows? Well when it rains, the raindrops that fall from the branches of the willow tree looks like teardrops, hence the nickname. Weird right but it’s suiting. Tattoos often have a deeper meaning than we think and a weeping willow tattoo is no exception. What do you think a willow tattoo means?.

Like almost every tree tattoo, it symbolizes regeneration, rejuvenation, and the circle of life, generally growth. 

One thing about the whole tattoo is that it puts you in the spotlight. It doesn’t matter if it is colored or black and white, it still happens to be in the spotlight. 

There are a lot of designs for a willow tree tattoo. Some are colored, like the tree when it is healthy and in full bloom. Some are dark and droopy, some show the idea of the weeping willow with teardrops. The bent willow tree is a beautiful one. The willow tree means a lot of things to people and a willow tattoo should be cherished. 

Weeping Willow Tattoo On The Wrist.

The weeping willow means a lot to the Celtic people of the British isles. It is the Celtic tree of life. They used it in a lot of their ceremonial rituals. It serves as a great reminder of their roots and culture. You don’t have to be from the British isles before you wear this tattoo. It symbolizes culture and roots so you van get it done if you want to be reminded of your culture and roots. 

Weeping Willow Tattoo On The Back

Depending on how the tree is portrayed, you get its meaning. If it is dry and wilting, it does not mean death. Instead, It signifies the end of the problems and tough times, and the beginning of new life just like the tree does in spring, it springs forth. 

When the leaves are green and lush it signifies growth and rejuvenation and the ability to face any problem that comes next. Like it does during a storm, it bends to any angle and it does not break. A willow tree is strong and pliant. 

Droopy Willow Design 

When it is droopy, the design is usually associated with life and death. It actually signifies life and death of a loved one, and strength and loss. 

There are different ideas on where to place the tattoos just like the ones stated above. Your design could be round or flat depending on where you want it. For instance, if you want it on your back, it is going to be flat because the back is a flat wide canvas. If you want the round design, you could place it on the rounder parts of your body. It doesn’t matter where you want to start, consider what you want it to signify, remember, it is an attention seeker, so no matter where you put it, it is going to get a lot of attention.

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