Weeping willow trees,scientifically called Salix Babylonia, are trees which are native to northern China, they are beautiful and fascinating trees whose lush, curved form is instantly recognizable. Found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, these trees have unique physical characteristics as well as a well-established place in culture, literature, and spirituality throughout the world.Weeping willows have a distinctive appearance with their rounded, drooping branches and elongated leaves.  There are more than 400 species of willow trees, with most of these found in the Northern Hemisphere. Willows have a rapid growth such that new varieties constantly spring up, both in nature and in deliberate cultivation. Also, Willows can be either trees or shrubs, depending upon the plant. In arctic and alpine areas, willows grow so low to the ground they are called creeping shrubs, but most weeping willow trees grow to be 45 feet to 70 feet tall. Their width can equal their height, so they can wind up as very large trees. Most willows have pretty, green foliage and long, thin leaves.

               They are among the first trees to grow leaves in the spring and among the last to lose their leaves in the fall. In fall, the color of the leaves ranges from a golden shade to greenish-yellow hue, depending on the type. In the spring, usually April or May, weeping willows produce silver-tinged green catkins that contain flowers. The flowers are either male or female and appear on a tree that is respectively male or female.Because of their size, the shape of their branches, and the lushness of their foliage, weeping willows create an oasis of summertime shade as long as you have sufficient space to grow these gentle giants. The shade provided by a willow tree consoled Napoleon Bonaparte

           Tattoo convey a deep message more than words can ever express. They can be interpreted in many ways. One such profoundly meaningful tattoo design is that of the weeping willow tree. The weeping willow tree got its name from the accumulated raindrops that falls from the branches of the willow tree to the ground.It is one of the most known of the weeping trees. It boasts of  both symbolism and beauty. The weeping willow has different meanings for different people. Weeping willow tree tattoos are one of the most adaptable and flexible  tattoos to work with, as they can be inked anywhere on your body, as it also gives freedom to both the artist as well as the person getting the tattoo to personalize it in a way they like. The weeping willow tree  has deep symbolism attached to it.

           The weeping willow tree holds high importance in different cultures. This tree is symbolic of life itself. Just like almost every tree tattoo, it symbolizes regeneration, rejuvenation, and the circle of life.The willow tree is a meaningful symbol in Celtic mythology. For those who hail from the British Isles, this may be a powerful reminder of your roots. The Druids of the ancient British Isles used these trees in their ceremonies. You don’t have to be of Celtic descent to have such symbolism resonate with you or to get a tattoo of this tree with meaning to those people and their culture

         The tree design signifies more than the tree itself, it has more to do with how the tree is being portrayed. If the tree has lush green leaves, it portrays rejuvenation and regeneration. A dried or dying tree does not necessarily mean end of something or someone. In fact it indicates the fag end of the problems and tough times, and the advent of new life… just like the tree does in spring.Because of its droopy look the weeping-willow tree is often associated with a memorial tattoo. It is to commemorate the life and death of a beloved. It also stands for loss and strength. One popular reason for getting a willow tree tattooed on your body is to commemorate the life and death of a loved one.

     This tree not only indicates being well rooted but also represents the ability to face next to any storm. It will bend to almost any pose without breaking. Think of the properties of the willow tree; it is pliant, yet strong enough to weather even the fiercest storm. It can take on just about any pose without snappin.

      The position of the weeping willow tree  can be just about anywhere on your body, and in a number of forms. Your arms are a place that are highly visible anytime that you wear a shortd dress or shirt. You also have the option of a flat or a round tattoo; if you get the tattoo on your back it will be a flat design, while if you get the tattoo on a rounder part of your body, such as an arm or a leg, you can have the tattoo wrap around your body

       The weeping willow tattoo can be personalized by using different pigments and designs. Also adding symbolic elements like dates, names, quotes, flowers, birds, hearts, butterflies, swing, and scrolls wil add a personalized effect to the tatoo in a better way. The artist can also create the tree design with dark hues, silhouette or intricate design, this tree stands tall irrespective of the pattern. Standalone or amidst a scenic background, this weeping willow tattoo design will take the spot light, no matter where you place it.A scenic background, deep contrasting colors, shadows and shading can give your tattoo the depth it requires, and these vital additions can metamorphose your willow tree tattoo into a more intense and intricate artwork.

           Weeping willow tree tattoos are one of the most versatile tattoos to work with, as they can be inked anywhere on your body and has deep symbolism attached to it. … Standalone or amidst a scenic background, this weeping willow tattoo design will take the spot light, no matter where you place it. The tree thus has many deep-rooted meanings behind it. Once you get the tattoo, make sure you retain its beauty by sticking  to the post-ink care to prevent scarring and infection.

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