60+ Popular Willow Tree Tattoo Designs Ideas Of 2019

60+ Popular Willow Tree Tattoo Designs Ideas Of 2019

60+ Awesome Willow Tree Tattoo Designs Ideas Of 2019

willow tree tattoo

Weeping willow tree tattoo is one of the most versatile tattoos to work with, as they can be inked anywhere on your body and has deep symbolism attached to it.
This beautiful tree bending with the wind is a perfect symbol of strength bending with the wind rather than fighting against it. While strength is important, sometimes the strongest thing that can be done is to go with the wind and not against it.

Did You Know?

The accumulated raindrops that fall to the ground from the branches of a weeping willow tree, resemble teardrops. Thus aptly christening the tree as the weeping willow.
Tattoos are like blank verses. They convey a deep message more than words can ever justify or emote. They can be interpreted in many ways. One such profoundly meaningful tattoo design is that of the weeping willow tree.
Be it colored or with dark hues, silhouette or intricate design, this tree stands tall irrespective of the pattern. It gives freedom to both the artist as well as the person getting the tattoo to personalize it in a way they like. Standalone or amidst a scenic background, this weeping willow tattoo design will take the spot light, no matter where you place it.


The tree design signifies more than the tree itself, it has more to do with how the tree is being portrayed. If the tree has lush green leaves, it portrays rejuvenation and regeneration. A dried or dying tree does not necessarily mean end of something or someone. In fact it indicates the fag end of the problems and tough times, and the advent of new life… just like the tree does in spring.
The tree thus has many deep-rooted meanings behind it. Once you get the tattoo, make sure you retain its beauty by adhering to the post-ink care to prevent scarring and infections.
willow tree tattoo willow tree tattoo willow tree tattoo


If you liked a particular tattoo or have a different point of view about the meanings of any of these 60+ tattoos, feel free to let us know. While this is only one interpretation of the meaning behind these wonderful trees, we are always interested in your thoughts.

For those who have or want to get a tattoo of a tree, what tree would you choose and the symbolism of that particular tree to you. Trees are an important part of life as they help to provide food, materials for shelter, and produce some of the air that we breathe. Each tree is a beautiful reminder of the strength and beauty that many of us over look each and every day.

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