Top 10 Worst Tattoo Design Year of 2018

Top 10 Worst Tattoo Design Year of 2018

Top 10 Worst Tattoo Design Year of 2018

These are the worst tattoos designs of 2018 so far. What were they thinking!? Maybe they were drunk, maybe these are the dumbest people on the planet…hey, maybe you’ll like some of these. But these are our picks for the Worst Tattoos of 2018.


worst tattoo

Guess it your self? drunk man makes tattoo on his nose.

# 9

worst tattoo

Colorful suspender tattoo? Duuuude. Actually, if you look even closer, you’ll see that he has also tattooed his thumbs to complete the look. Hey, at least he put some thought into this… thanks for not wearing pants.

# 8

It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but sometime this week this guy is going to regret getting a giant spider on his face.

# 7

Lol, Mcdoland Insert of tattoo designs. This just makes us sad. #Childhoodruined

# 6

do you like my tattoo?  just think on me and my tattoo


tell me who am I? No iron man, No Batman, No superman But I am Mr. Cool Ice man. Lol


Lol, Donkey ASShole on my novel. best worst tattoo of the year 2018

# 3

Oh, boy. Not smart to get someone’s name on your body who might just be a temporary girlfriend… but this ‘fix’ for his next girlfriend is actually quite clever. Hollie must be so proud.


Classy, buddy. I bet that this backfires more often than it works.

# 1

This was not a good idea, lady. Even your tattoo doesn’t look impressed with your life choice.

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