About Us

Goose Tattoo is the most popular destination for tattoo culture. Goose Tattoo is the most famous tattoo designing studio that has a strong reputation for delivering high quality tattoo artwork throughout Brooklyn, USA. Our well-trained tattooists are highly trained to provide cutting edge tattooing services to their customers. The studio’s tattooists are aware of all the latest tattoo design techniques and methods.

We use quality ink materials to offer long-lasting tattoo results the way you want. Their primary focus is to provide unique tattooing services at an affordable price. The shop maintains the hygiene standard to the optimum level to ensure your safety. Goose Tatttoo also offers suggestions and ideas to makes piercing fun and exciting. Our tips will definitely come handy when you decide to have your ear, nose, brow or any other body part pierced. Along with caring about your piercing, we also present your creative ideas on how you can use trendy jewelery items to exhibit piercing creatively.