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Tattoo Removal Methods

The Best Tattoo Removal Methods and Options

Tattoos seem to be gaining momentum. Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever. A tattoo can be a sign of your love for the design or to conceal a scar.

Some people tattoo their skins without thinking about the future or how it will impact the way they see the tattoo. Justin Bieber tattooed Selena Gomez in love to show his affection. But then, the regrets began. Adam Levine also hates the cauliflower tattoo on his shoulder. Demi Lovato has a need for a coverup to hide her vagina tat.

If a tattoo that you no longer love inspires you, the symbolic meaning of the tattoo is no longer relevant to you. When you get old and have a bad attitude about your tattoos, and don’t mind having scars or not being visible, you begin to hate and regret the tattoo. Sometimes your elders will disapprove of the tattoos and make it more difficult to get rid of them.

Before you start searching for tattoo removal prices, you need to understand that the two main tattoo removal methods; tattoo removal cream and laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Methods:-

Laser Tattoo Removal Methods:-

The most popular method for tattoo removal is a laser. However, there are also cream methods that can be used to remove tattoos. Laser tattoo removal simply removes the ink from your tattoo design. The ink will eventually be absorbed by heat or other environmental conditions.

It is easier to get rid of the tat when the ink particles are broken down. But, this is only the beginning. To have the tattoo completely removed, you will need to make appointments with your doctor. After several appointments, the tattoo will be removed to its core.

Lasers make it easier to get rid of black tattoos because they absorb all light. To remove colored tats (especially blue and green), you will need to use a special light. Protective eye shields will be provided to protect your eyes during the procedure.

While laser removal is the most widely used, there are a few potential side effects. There is a risk that the area being treated could become infected. Hypo or hyperpigmentation could result in the appearance of lighter or darker skin. The skin may become darker due to cosmetic tattoos (lip, vagina, eyeliner, etc.).


  • Given the diverse nature of tattoos, this method can be tailored to meet the needs of each person
  • With tattoo removal laser method, the tattoo is completely removed
  • With advances in technology, you can now remove a tat in just a few visits to the removal clinic


  • Laser tattoo removal is expensive, and the common man cannot afford it
  • It is a painful and lengthy process
  • There are potential side effects

Tattoo Removal Cream

Laser surgery costs thousands. Even with all the scientific backing, many people cannot afford the surgery. This is where tattoo removal cream comes in. Creams offer a pain-free and cost-effective alternative to lasers.

Most tattoo removal creams act like bleach on your skin. These creams do not completely remove the tattoo ink, but fade it away bit by bit. The tattoo removal cream may not penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin where the tattoo ink is, but removes the surface ink. It takes more than a few months of repetitive cream application to fade the tattoo significantly. There are creams on the market that fade the tattoo faster than others, but still a few months of application will be needed.

With a good tattoo removal cream, you will remove your tattoo in a few months, the cream will not cause inflammation and pain and will not scar your skin.


  • The method is relatively cheap
  • Removal creams are easy to use
  • The tattoo removal process is pain-free, except for minor irritations
  • With a good cream, the process does not involve any side effects


  • Acid-based creams have a horde of side effects
  • With wrong use, acid-based creams can result in tattoo removal scars

Tattoo Removal: Alternative Methods

Tattoo Removal: Alternative Methods
  • Dermabrasion: Scrubbing the top surface of the skin with crystal exfoliator
  • Salabrasion: Scrubbing the skin with salt
  • Plastic Surgery: Add a layer of skin on the tattoo

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoos are made of ink. When the ink is injected into your skin, it occupies the second layer of the skin, making it a challenge to remove. Before laser tattoo removal, there was no permanent tattoo removal method. Even up to now, the tattoo removal machine may not effectively remove the tattoo.

The oldest tattoo removal method is Dermabrasion. Here, you sand your skin or scrub it thoroughly to remove the top layer. A new layer will develop to remove the old layer. However, seeing that tattoo ink is seated on the deep layer of your skin, this method has proven not to work effectively, but fade the tattoo guides for a while. Microdermabrasion is the most common method where tiny skin exfoliation crystals are used.

A laser tattoo removal machine will produce high intensity light pulses to split the ink particles. With successive appointments, more splitting of ink particles makes the tattoo fade.

Tattoo creams are diverse with each having a unique way of working. When the creams penetrate to the second layer of your skin, they surround the ink particles and carry them away from your skin. Think of them as bleach.

In short, most of the removal methods work by carrying away the ink from one part of the skin to another, besides laser removal where the ink is absorbed by heat.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Tattoo removal is a complicated process. It often results in pain irrespective of the method you use. Laser tattoo removal methods is known to be the most painful, when the high-intensity light is penetrating your skin, it feels like needles are pricking you.

Tattoo removal at home, in most cases, applies excess skin exfoliation. This is the same as scrubbing your skin, but now doing it to peel the top skin off. This is as painful as it sounds.

The physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional pain you may experience in case the method used has side effects. Hypopigmentation is a condition where the skin loses pigment and becomes lighter, here you appear to have vitilig).

The pain you experience is relative to the color of your tattoo, the size and the location. Smaller tattoos fade off fast and, therefore, involve less pain.

What Does Tattoo Removal Feel Like?

People have different experiences with tattoo removal, depending on their pain tolerance. Women, for instance, are used to piercing and waxing. This way, they are able to withstand the tattoo removal process better than men. According to patients, laser tattoo removal feels like someone snapping a hot rubber band on your skin. Most of the patients agree that the pain is the same as that of getting a new tattoo. The pain lasts up to 10 minutes after the session.

Use of tattoo removal cream feels just like using any form of a gel at first use. With consequent use, however, you will start feeling a sting on the skin, which may develop to a scab that later falls off. To most patients of tattoo removal, the process presents some level of discomfort.

The feeling you get during laser removal will depend on the skin numbing. Before the tattoo removal methods is used, the skin is numbed. Here, cold air is blown on your skin. It feels pricking cold, but afterwards, it numbs and reduces the pain you may feel.

How Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work?

Tattoo removal cream is considered a natural tattoo removal method. This is true of the latest creams on the market. While in the past creams have been using acid, nowadays organic substances are used. The acid would lightly burn the skin to create a scab that fell off within a week.

Today, creams are designed to stimulate the body’s immune system to react to them and the tattoo pigments. When you use creams, the creams surround the ink pigments. The body reacts to the cream expelling them together with the ink. On application, the cream will soften the pigments before they are expelled from the skin.

Some creams work on the principle of gradually breaking down the ink pigments. This is the same way laser removal does. With time, the broken down pigments are absorbed away, or they are expelled from the skin.

Which Tattoo Removal Cream Works Best?

Some tattoo removal creams are offered by private clinics and some are easily administered at home. The best cream is one which does not use harsh chemicals as ingredients. You will stumble upon numerous cream reviews; a rule of thumb, check ingredients.

Rejuvi Tattoo Removing Cream is one of the newest treatments. This is a tattoo cream injected the same way tattoo is applied. The injecting device looks similar to the tattoo gun and the process is done in a clinic. The cream binds together with the ink and draws it to the surface of your skin. As your skin heals, it rejects the scream and pushes it out together with the ink. A scab forms and falls off.

Wrecking Balm is one of the most common creams. It works by fading the tattoo off your skin. This is a form of cream you can easily apply at home. For results, the cream has to be applied on a daily basis. With daily use, the cream may form dark patches that fade away when you stop using it.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Removing the Painful Scars Using Laser Tattoo Removal

Experiences are different. Different methods have different levels of pain. Creams that require being injected into the body present the same level of pain as that of tattoo application. Laser removal may be painful if no anesthesia is used and less painful when the skin is numbed. The process is painful but bearable.

If you can withstand pain, the process will just feel uncomfortable. For those who cannot stand a needle prick, the pain may feel excruciating. It is different for different people. Tattoo removal at home may be more painful as most people do not use anesthesia.


When you no longer want a tattoo, you will choose between tattoo removal methods and creams. Laser removal is effective, but relatively painful and costly. Creams are great, but a number of them have been reported to cause side effects. When choosing a cream, therefore, ensure it is not acid-based, and it does not contain TCA. With a good cream, you may not need to spend thousands.